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i thank god every day for sparing you, for bringing you to me. you are alive, you are with me; i do not care bout anything else. i care about nothing else but you.

get to know me meme: 10/10 relationships ~ princess farya bethlen and murad iv (magnificent century: kösem)

Jaspenor finally reunited in Sunday’s season finale, but things were not so hot for them.

Leo x MC: Starting Over

I haven’t had the chance to post this fic until now since 1) I’ve been working on it FOREVER (mostly b/c of school keeping me busy, haha ^-^’) and 2) I was reluctant to post it on my Tumblr (I’m shy, okay? :P).

Anyway, here it is! Dedicating this story to you lovelies who adore Leo and/or Shakespeare~. :)

BTW, this is technically Part I of the story (So the Prologue and Acts I, II, & III.). I’ll try to post Part II (Acts IV, V, & the Epilogue) as soon as I finish writing them. :P

Warnings: Low-key spoilers; mentions of murder; story gets kind of angsty/dramatic/emotional by the third act (whoops~).

Nonetheless, enjoy~. (Story below.)

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I didn’t take nearly enough pictures as K Boi at Katsucon. There were just so many amazing Kurapika cosplayers, I confess, I got super self conscious and switched to Illumi mid-day. (>//~//<);;; But it’s alright!! Everyone looked stunning and I’m so happy to have gotten selfies with so many great people! You all looked fantastic and I can’t wait for next year! I also want to take this opportunity to thank my lovely room mates for taking such excellent care of me and making my experience one of a kind! @gonprohunter and Mira, thank you so much for everything. You’re both so precious and beautiful and I hope you’ll have me next year. I promise to bring more oranges!! ❤


AU where the only nightmares Anakin has are about sand ;)

(also, when you totally do not realize your little ones sneaked in your bed and you get smacked, I know the feeling :D)