Mommy-Space Blog!

Hey cg/l community! Some of my followers might know me by my little space blog, PrincessCrayola. Well since I’m a switch, I’ve decided it’s only fair to start a blog dedicated to my mommy side. It will be sfw, and mostly containing cute projects for little ones, as well as my own experiences and advice from being a Mommy! So if it’s something that interests you, or you have a similar blog, please follow this one and I’ll check yours out!

I was tagged by PrincessCrayola, my little!  My cursive isn’t the best…  wah!  Here are the subjects of the handwriting challenge =3

1.) Your name
2.) Your url
3.) Your blog title 
4.) Your favorite color
5.) Your crush
7.) Your favorite bands/artists
8.) Your favorite number
9.) Your favorite drink
10.) Tag ten people [:

I tagged PrincessCrayola, my current top 4 fans, and my newest followers!  *waves hi* =D