Hi, ok this is my friend Jordan, I’m posting about him because well I want to find him a girlfriend and I don’t really have any single girl friends to set him up with, so I thought might as well give tumblr a go?

Anyway he’s a really lovely guy, and an amazing friend, he always there to support me (like if I’m really really depressed, he’ll come over to my house and bring me chocolate and will talk to me about anything, or if it’s too late for him to come to my house he’ll send me a bunch of pictures of cute kittens which never fails to make me smile) so you can see he’s a really nice guy

Now for a bit about him, well he’s a gamer and takes a gaming course in college, he’s 17, a smoker, love bacon (like really loves it lol), he likes to listen to death metal, he does love frozen just as much as I do, he also loves horror movies and he lives in London

So if any girl sees this and thinks he’s cute or anything and you live in London, please message me, he’s such a nice guy and has never had a girlfriend before, and I really want him to find a nice girl, so please message me and maybe I can set you two up on a date :D

I tried so hard to do some elsanna nsfw but I failed so badly, so I went crazy with making it all dark and then I realised I was shading on the wrong layer and I have this free app and ugh I totally messed up on so many things
So yeah sorry that’s it’s really weird, I’ve never even tried something like this before

i've never realised how much of a shit student i was until today
  • used to tell teachers to suck my dick in Lithuanian
  • was put in detention once and told to write lines and i just wrote boobies 300 times 
  • i got kicked out of college 3 times
  • got suspended from school for a week
  • during my PE exam i just wrote a load of jokes and puns
  • and for my RE exam wrote shit loads how satanism is the best and in giant letters wrote HAIL SATAN on the back