ummm… Cabin Pressure makeout scene whuuut?! I was doing a warm-up sketch like I usually do before art-ing, and this just came out and I had to just finish it in all it’s glory and lensflare and cheesy lighting and lazy drawing!    Anywhooo this is Martin and the Princess! Maybe they went and Martin was just gonna show her how and she just climbed on his lap and yeah… someone needs to write this for me NOWZ! lol just kidding… no really write it!?


“Are you sure nobody’s around? I’ve got this awful feeling someone’s watching us.”

“That’s just the security cameras, we’re fine.”

“The- what?! But we- oh, god. Douglas is going to put it on Youtube.”

“Martin, relax. The security cameras are in the main hall, making sure Maxie and Arthur don’t eat the wax apples again.”

After Theresa and Martin are married, they decide almost immediately that they want to have children. And it doesn’t take long for their fellow party guests to start taking bets on when the two of them will sneak away from the festivities to have their own kind of fun.

(Yes, I did spend nearly an hour researching the official sash colours and medals that the royal family of Liechtenstein wear to formal events)

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was just wondering if you've done any other Cabin Pressure pieces? I love the one with Martin and the Princess! In face, all your work is absolutely brilliant! Thanks a bunch! Juliana

I have drawn only 4 Cabin Pressure arts…

And one unofficial CP art… this is Carl, ATC…

ok i am in l o v e with this au right now like??? Basically its this silly idea i had of a mermaid au, but with theresa as a shark instead? and holnnes thought of a cute idea to go with it where martin’s the captain of this ship who went back for his fallen hat typical and well, guess who was there underwater to meet him?  i was thinking of this after watching aquamarine for the millionth time so sue me.

Aaannnyyways this beautifully done piece is from the lovely miss holnnes and you should really go grab a commission while you can~