“Are you sure nobody’s around? I’ve got this awful feeling someone’s watching us.”

“That’s just the security cameras, we’re fine.”

“The- what?! But we- oh, god. Douglas is going to put it on Youtube.”

“Martin, relax. The security cameras are in the main hall, making sure Maxie and Arthur don’t eat the wax apples again.”

After Theresa and Martin are married, they decide almost immediately that they want to have children. And it doesn’t take long for their fellow party guests to start taking bets on when the two of them will sneak away from the festivities to have their own kind of fun.

(Yes, I did spend nearly an hour researching the official sash colours and medals that the royal family of Liechtenstein wear to formal events)

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Hey, I was just wondering if you've done any other Cabin Pressure pieces? I love the one with Martin and the Princess! In face, all your work is absolutely brilliant! Thanks a bunch! Juliana

I have drawn only 4 Cabin Pressure arts…

And one unofficial CP art… this is Carl, ATC…

Fandot Creativty Night: Wind/Adore

It was the wind rattling on the windows that first woke them.  Over the sound of the storm outside they could both hear the faint sound.

“It’s all right.  I’ll get it this time.”

The floor was freezing underfoot.  

Note to self.  Buy slippers.

He padded quietly down the hall, trying not to feel jealous as Theresa turned over with a sleepy murmur and burrowed back under the covers.


But fair was fair.  It was definitely his turn.

Kitchen first or…

The decision was made for him as the whimper grew into an unhappy wail which, he knew from experience, could easily turn into a brain-shredding shriek.

“Hush, hush!  It’s OK! I’m here.”

Huge dark eyes fixed on him reproachfully and little arms flailed in his general direction as he crossed the nursery in two strides to scoop the baby up.  He just managed to avoid hitting her head on the planes dangling from her mobile, earning an angry growl.  He bounced her hastily.

“Right.  Right. The kitchen.  Are you hungry?”

The baby glowered back at him.  Somehow, despite all the laws of biology, she’d managed to inherit Auntie Carolyn’s patented Death Glare and seemed to know it.  Despite himself, Martin could feel himself beginning to sweat.

“Kitchen.  Kitchen. Right.”

He almost jogged down the stairs and sloshed water everywhere as he filled the kettle and set it to boiling.  Fortunately, he managed to bite back the curses.  Theresa would not have approved.  Neither did Erika, judging by her increasingly loud growling wails.

Nudging her higher up his shoulder he hummed and bounced her with quiet desperation, even as he prepared the bottle and formula with his other hand.

Finally, the kettle whistled and the bottle was filled and cooling in the sink as they paced the kitchen.  The wind was still howling outside, and Erika seemed determined to give it a run for its money.  Her little face was screwed up in fury as she opened her mouth to really let rip.

“Come fly with me.  Let’s fly, let’s fly away!”

The baby paused, staring at him in wonder.  Encouraged, he launched into the next line and the next.  She was smiling by the verse, and by the time he reached the second chorus they were shuffling around the kitchen in an awkward waltz.

Erika was gurgling happily, though, and the tension was melting away as he smiled.

“Goodness!  What’s this?”

It was Theresa, wrapped in a dressing gown and smiling sleepily at them both.

“Oh!  What are you doing up?  It’s my turn. You should be asleep!”

She shrugged and moved to join them, winding her arms around his waist.

“Well, I was trying.  But then I heard Frank Sinatra singing downstairs in my house.  So I had to come and see.”

He blushed.  It surely clashed horribly with his hair.

“Oh… well… Do you really think I sound like Frank Sinatra?”  

And there it was.  Together for almost eight years, and he still sounded ridiculously shy.

But she only smiled and leaned in for a kiss.

“Even better.”

Of course, Erika chose that exact moment to start fussing again.  Their little Princess had to live up to her title, after all.

The milk had cooled and a sleepy baby was soon fed and resting against his shoulder as he patted her back gently.  She huffed and snuffled ticklishly but otherwise didn’t complain. Or burp.  He patted her back a little harder, letting his head fall back as he leaned against the counter.

God, he was tired.

Theresa joined him, leaning her head on his shoulder.  She was breathing slowly, just as tired as him.

A smile tugged the corner of his lip.

It was 3am.  He had work tomorrow.  

But he also had two beautiful ladies in his arms.  He didn’t get this lucky.  It was almost enough to make him paranoid, like winning a bet against Douglas.

Erika hiccupped, and Martin felt sticky wetness spread down his back.  

And there it was.  


But still strangely perfect.

ok i am in l o v e with this au right now like??? Basically its this silly idea i had of a mermaid au, but with theresa as a shark instead? and holnnes thought of a cute idea to go with it where martin’s the captain of this ship who went back for his fallen hat typical and well, guess who was there underwater to meet him?  i was thinking of this after watching aquamarine for the millionth time so sue me.

Aaannnyyways this beautifully done piece is from the lovely miss holnnes and you should really go grab a commission while you can~

Princess Theresa would definitely be a fencer too, in my opinion.

(To be honest, I really don’t even know if Liechtenstein has any fencers in the 2016 Rio Olympics, let alone any female fencers, and Google, as it often does, was failing me. So I invented my own design for Theresa’s uniform. The proportions are a bit off, now I look back on it. Oh well.)