As soon as I saw the list of the anime shows they got I shed a tear because some of those are easily the most anticipated of the season. None of them will ever be talked about at least not the degree they would if they were on CR. 

The list for their summer catalogue is as follows…

Katsugeki! Tōken Ranbu
 : July 1

Love & Lies : July 3

DIVE!! : July 5

Altair: A Record of Battles : July 7

Vatican Miracle Examiner : July 7

Made in Abyss : July 7

Welcome to the Ballroom : July 8

Hitorijime My Hero : July 8

Princess Principal : July 9

Lights of the Clione : July 12

Hell Girl 4 : July 14

Look at this list, I bet to about 90% of anime fans at least 2 titles on here are on your most anticipated list.

 For those that are confused AS is a newly launched service by Amazon that streams anime essentially competing with CR and Funimation. 

To put it bluntly, it’s a nightmare. A clear example of the monopoly Amazon is trying to become and it’s bad news. They’re trying to buy out all the amazing shows make them exclusively for this service which btw is only accessible to Amazon Prime users in USA. The rest of the world does not exist to them. 

Amazon Strike’s #1 issue is it’s Double Paywall. In order to watch AS you need to be an AP user and that is $10 a month. Now for me that is not the issue because I’ve been a Prime user since I was 19 and still till this day. However you then have to pay an additional $4.99 a month to have the channel. That is the issue. To me AP users should get this for free, and none AP users should pay 4.99 a month only. In total you’re looking at $160 a year for this service. The most expensive anime streaming platform and it’s got the smallest library of choices as well.

The #2 issue is it’s Simulcast schedule or lack thereof. Anime Strike does not promote the titles they stream. The only thing they do is tell you when it’s available and it’s available hours or even days after it aires. So that new episode of Re Creators you wanted to watch or that new episode of Dive!! or Welcome to the Ballroom that just aired? Yeah that episode will not be available for hours on end, or even days. And sometimes will just be skipped and not released in subs. This has happened many times already within the Winter and Spring seasons. Do they tell their costumers about any of this? Nope they do not say a single word. Essentially all the titles they purchase are just simply their to hostage them and make sure that CR and Funi doesn’t get it and while the amount of money they poured to the anime developers and studio is probably huge it won’t pay off in the long run. Mainly because their product will be widely ignored by the masses or heavily illegally streamed.

The #3 issue with Anime Strike is it’s Subtitles. The subtitles are the worse. Don’t flow well at all. Late. Mistranslations galore. It’s just really really bad.

The #4 issue with AS is their complete and utter lack of care for the anime community. All they care about is money. They made it crystal clear when they got into the business that they knew the anime community was passionate and would pay money for their product. That’s it. They don’t want to get involved with the community, they don’t even care if  their licenses do well. All they care about is driving CR/Funi out of business so they’re the only game in town and we will then have no other choice but to do as they want. All that money that their paying the anime studios, well that’s gonna disappear. Cause once their the only big game in town then they can then afford to negotiate actual prices.

Do not support Anime Strike. Boycott it! Let them know via social media that what they’re doing is wrong and unethical. They’re in this business for all the wrong reasons. Normally I am completely against anything but legal streaming because I want to do my part in helping the industry but I refuse to cooperate with these people that do not care about anything but money. So this Summer season, if you want to watch those titles you know what you have to do, become a pirate. Wave that pirate flag proudly, do not support AS.

And if you need any clearer sign that AS does not care about us take a gander at what it’s offering to people that subscribe to their service…

Yes a WHITEWASHED version of GITS that was almost universally hated by the Anime community is the kind of thing we want…

They’re completely tone deaf and do not care. Do not support Anime Strike.

Road Trip || c.h

tbfh i was writing car sex w/ cal but i deleted it bc i thought it was trash omg (i dont think this was amazingly written, pls forgive me ;[)

Warning: this is fucking l o n g. 


“Baby.” You heard a soft voice call to you in your head. You were sleeping soundly, until this voice kept sounding in your head. Your eyes fluttered open slowly, introducing you to the dimly lit car. The car stumbled upon a bump, allowing you to float in air for just a moment. 

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“Dear Harry Stafford, Lizzie disappoints me. I hoped that she would stand against her husband, and be loyal to her own House, York, but she likes King Henry more than I imagine that she could, and is obedient to him. Her sole complaint with Henry would seem to be within the marriage bed, as she grumbles that his manhood rarely rises to the occasion and even when it does, he tries to thrust it into the wrong… – Dowager Queen Elizabeth Woodville, episode 1.02

anonymous asked:

what is kingdom hearts, is it a door or moon or what?

I am seeing a trend in some of my asks but I don’t mind answering KH questions lol

Kingdom Hearts (As in THE Kingdom Hearts), in the most simple of terms is the source of all hearts/knowledge/wisdom from every life that has ever existed…ever. Now knowing this you can see why the big bald bad guy Xehanort wants it so badly, all the knowledge of the past can be a very helpful thing. 

This here is THE Kingdom Hearts, I’ll get to what the other two are after this. This is the source of all the past stuff yada yada. Only way to access this is with the x-blade, which can only be formed when light and darkness FIGHT! In KH3 case, 7 of light and 13 of darkness, REASON FOR THIS because during the keyblade war the X-Blade was the only way to access it (X-Blade was the original “keyblade” and ALL other keyblades are made to look like…the x-blade, yeah)but it was broken into 20 parts, 7 of light and 13 of darkness. In the past the keyblade war started JUST to summon this thing and Xehanort wants to recreate that battle, but with our main heroes now, to get his old man hands on it.

THIS ONE is the heart of ALL WORLDS. So every time a world gets destroyed by the heartless (A world gets destroyed when the heartless find the…keyhole of the world and fuck it up) its heart gets put into this thing. This is also the door to darkness, AKA the door the realm of darkness where Heartless live. In order to access this he needed the 7 of light (seeing a trend here?) which were now the 7 Princesses of Light (Disney ladies and Kairi). When he had all of them it revealed a keyhole which was the only way to access the spot where the door is in the first place. Ansem had hopes of accessing its power but y’know, didn’t quite work out too well for him. Ansem wanted to control the darkness within it but Kingdom Hearts is actually light not darkness (The door is light..not whats inside, all that is darkness, like SUPER darkness). I digress. 

THIS ONE. Is the heart of people, it is a man-made Kingdom Hearts (They were trying to make the first Kingdom Hearts sorta). The only way to add hearts to this is for someone with a keyblade to kill heartless, which is why the organization keeps sending Heartless after Sora and also why the Organization needed Roxas on their side. (They also made Xion as sort of a…backup since she could also use the keyblade since she was made from the memories that were stolen from Sora using Namines magic over Soras memories during the events of Chain of Memories…IT’S A LOT OKAY I GET IT LOL). BACK TO THE MOON. Xemnas (Xehanorts nobody) made this thing cause he wanted to absorb it’s power to be SUPER POWERFUL AND STUFF. But thanks to Ansem the wise (NOT the same Ansem as the one from KH1, that guy stole this guys name), he made a data ecoder…machine…thing. That zapped Kingdom Hearts and was used to turn Kingdom Hearts into data so that it couldn’t be used for Xemnas’s plan, but it was too much for his machine and caused it to exPLODE!  Still though, it left a giant hole in Kingom Hearts (pic above) and Xemnas was not able to fulfill his plan fully. With what was left of the KH moon thing, he absorbed it and fought Sora and Riku anddddd…lost lol. 

BUT THERE YOU GO! I gave you more answers then you asked and some questions probably but I DID MY BEST DARN IT LOL.

Blue heart = KINGDOM HEARTS, LEGIT OG. THAT IS THE ONE YOU WANT. Contains all the knowledge/wisdom of the past and all lives. You need darkness and light to fight ( 7 people of light, 13 people of darkness) WHICH will then OPEN this Kingdom Hearts. ONLY WAY TO DO IT. BECAUSE the X-blade which broke awhile back and originally was the only way to get Kingdom Hearts, broke into 20 different pieces, 7 of light and 13 of darkness. So they’re kind of their own….people…x-blade…group…yeah.

Door = THE HEART OF ALL THE WORLDS! When a world dies, its heart goes here. 

Yellow Heart = HeaRT OF ALL PEOPLE! Made by Xemnas in a fail attempt to make the Blue heart moon.