Princess glared judgingly at the new comer as he talked to the captain of the ship, apparently her father had decided that her constant failure of capturing that obnoxious star, and her whiny companion, that he had sent someone to assist her. Scoffing at the very idea that some boy could do better than her, Princess left the room with a huff. Heading down the hallway, footsteps began to chase after her.

“My lady! Please wait for a moment!” Ignoring the voice behind her the redhead continued down the hall. “Oh your royal highness who is so above me, would you please spare one moment for this lowly commoner!” Stopping dead in her trance, Princess slowly turned around, an enraged look across her face.

“Ahh finally I got your attention, your highness, it seems that we have not yet been formally introduced. I am Chad Dicksons; your father has sent me to help you.” Chad said taking a knee then kissed Princesses hand. Pressing her lips into a tight scowl, doing everything in her power to keep her cool.
Hey everybody, remember that Jacksom fan fiction I haven’t updated in forever? Well I am still working on it, and finally got princesses look finalized!
Princess belongs to ppg
Chad belongs to KND

Look at that poor little child. She just wanted her sister back.

And look how happy she is when she gets her back!

Bubbles loves her sisters so much. And it’s beautiful.

CampCamp x PowerPuffGirls(original)

David - Professor Untoniom

Max - Buttercup

Niel - Blossom

Nikki - Bubbles

Gwen - Ms Sara Bellum

Cameron - The Mayor

Nerris - Robin

Preston - Prince Murmonny (Princess Morebucks)

Jasper - Mike Believe

Pikeman - Mojo Jojo

The Wood Scouts - Billy/Petrol/Jermy as the Amoeba Boys

The Flower Scouts - The Rowdy Rough Boys ( they are tomboys for this) Sasha/Brick Tabii/Boomer and Erin/Butch

Gen - Mask Scara

Daniel - HIM

Darla - Ms Keane

Cute Waitress - Seduca/Is mainly seen as Ms.Ima Goodlady

Bonquisha - Femme Fatale

Thoughts on the Powerpuff Girls Reboot
  • Theme song 👎🏽
  • Animation is 👌🏽
  • The hotline can't be a cell phone, I'm sorry
  • The one-off jokes are pretty hilarious
  • Pretty subpar first episode though
  • Buttercup is a little too butch
  • Voices are WRONG
  • I can't get invested...
  • Really, Princess Morebucks is the first villain from the old series we see?? Not Mojo Jojo, The Gang Green Gang, or even HIM??
  • Maybe it'll grow on me
  • So much meh
  • Final Thoughts: The episodes focus too much on the drama outside of the actual villains. I want crime-fighting, not emotional subplots on what's going on in the girls' lives. The old series seemed to weave and balance these two elements well, but it feels forced in the reboot. I'll watch it to see if it gets better, but right now I give it a 6.5/10.
Since today’s new episode of Miraculous will feature the long awaited, Dark Ladybug or Antibug as she is named, I thought I’d share a few headcanons/theories as to what I think her power will be, just for the fun of it.
  • Have the reverse effect of Ladybug’s and will possess the power to akumatize/evilize people, turning innocent civilians into an army of Akuma villains hellbent on destroying Ladybug.
  • Shapeshift and turn into a perfect replica of Ladybug as a means of framing her and dishonouring her heroic title (in a similar fashion to how Theo used his Copycat persona to frame Chat Noir. I highly doubt Hawkdaddy and his team are ones to repeat episode themes but still liked to toss the idea out there just to rule out all the possibilities, y;know?)
  • Has the power to reverse the effects of Ladybug’s akuma purification powers and uses her newfound abilities to resurrect a couple of the most powerful past villains that Ladybug and Chat Noir had originally defeated in previous episodes (such as Lady Wifi, the Bubbler, etc) (This one is a stretch but still worth mentioning since I liked this headcanon a lot)
  • Power to turn everyone in Paris against Ladybug making her the most hated person in the entire city. Remember that episode of Powerpuff Girls where Him cast a spell and basically turned the whole city of Townsville against the girls forcing them to practically fight the entire city because everyone was out to destroy them? I’d imagine that Antibug would be out to get rid of Ladybug and will use her powers to her advantage.
    If she indeed does have the power to turn others against Ladybug, would it wrong if I want her to turn Chat against Ladybug. We have seen from “Dark Cupid” that in spite being a miraculous wielder, our heroes are still very much susceptible to an Akuma’s power so if this is true in the case of Antibug, if she can turn others against Ladybug, I would like her to try her powers on Chat. Why? Because a part of me is curious to see whether or not it will work (and for a second time, Lady will find herself forced to unwillingly combat against her own teammate) or…Chat would be immune/show resistance to Antibug’s control cause his deep feelings of love for Ladybug would be so strong that he’s able to defy Antibug’s influence.

    Til this point, Ladybug has always disbelieved Chat’s implied feelings for her. I’ve been hoping for a moment where Chat gets a chance to prove just how much he truly loves Ladybug and…what better episode to show it than one where he has to fight an evil copy of his beloved bugaboo?

    Just saying. That would be cute to see. If not in this episode, then it would still be a cute thing to see in the show.

I’m also curious as to what would be the motive behind Chloe becoming Antibug. We all know that it’s going to be Chloe. I mean sure in the sneak peek photo we don’t actually see Antibug’s face however…based off the teaser shot of Antibug sporting a very familiar looking long ponytail in the animatic for the Miraculous opening, we can all take a wild guess that it’s Chloe. I mean she even has a Ladybug costume complete with yoyo and all.

No other character in the show has been shown to possess that so it has to be her. That being said, I’m going to also share a few headcanons as how I think Chloe will be akumatized: 

  • Not sure if this will actually happen but a part of me hopes it has something to do with Adrien. Like Chloe finds out just how much Adrien loves Ladybug and tries to act/become like her to impress Adrien. But of course, that doesn’t work out.
    Even if Chloe’s plunge to darkness doesn’t have anything to do Adrien, I kind of want Antibug to kidnap Adrien. Like we get an “Evilustrator” episode with Chat Noir. Like Ladybug receives a message from Chat saying that Adrien is Antibug’s main target and fans finally get that LADRIEN moment that we’ve all been craving.
    How profoundly awesome would it be to get that parallel where Ladybug will have to play knight in shining red and black armour to a certain cat-eyed blonde for the evening while her feline compatriot is off on a ‘top secret mission’?
    Y’see what I did there? C’mon, how cool would that be? So far we have gotten two golden Marichat moments, it’s time for us to get some Ladrien love too and this episode can pave a good start to that.

  • Or…maybe it’s one of those moments where an admirer idolizes a person so much that they ultimately want to become them. Like Chloe looks up to Ladybug so much that she essentially tries to be like her—like she tries to be her own hero, literally putting herself in the line of danger and take action as a hero because she wants to be exactly like Ladybug. 

    What if
    …Chloe even attempts to become Ladybug’s new side kick, wanting to team up with her and be the robin to her Batman? She already has the costume and I can imagine the many Chat Noir jokes and puns about him being replaced.

    I imagine Chloe’s akumatization to be  reminiscent of  Princess Morebucks from Powerpuff Girls. For those of you like me who grew up with PPZ, you remember how that episode with Princess went, right? Basically Princess wanted to be a Powerpuff girl. She wanted to be a Powerpuff girl so much that she would even get her poor smuck of a dad to buy her weaponry and battlesuits all so she can fight with the girls. She would then use those bought weapons to try and be like a Powerpuff girl. It got so out of hand that Princess would also follow the girls into battle and tried to be the hero however it would always end up blowing up in her face…literally. And it would end with the girls, Blossom mostly, giving her a long speech as to why she couldn’t be a Powerpuff girl.

    In the end, Princess got so fed up of the Powerpuff girls telling her that she couldn’t be a powerpuff that pretty soon, she loses it and goes all like ‘Y’know what, if I can’t be a Powerpuff girl then there wouldn’t be any Powerpuff Girls’ and like many villains before her, goes all out on the girls and tries to destroy them.

    If Chloe is to be akumatized, I imagine her evilization to be like that. Chloe idolizes Ladybug so much that she tries to be like her. She tries to be a hero of the city but of course ends up not only embarrassing herself in the process but she also gets told off by Ladybug as to the many reasons why she can never be Ladybug. And because Ladybug, the very person she admires tells her something as demotivating as that, this makes it the perfect moment for Hawkmoth to swoop in with his Akuma and turn Chloe into the big baddie she was destined to be. Y’know since she can’t be the hero then she might as well be the villain.

    And since she can’t be like Ladybug then there will be NO Ladybug. As Antibug, Chloe will attempt to destroy the very person she once worshipped. The pseudo alias ‘Anti-bug’ just gives me the impression that Antibug is against everything that Ladybug stands for—hope, peace, etc and plans to get rid of all of her once and for all.

    That’s how I see this episode going.

But like I said, it’s only a theory. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow morning to see how this episode will go and I certainly cannot wait. Those are my hunches, what about you fellow miraculers?

What do you guys think of my headcanons about Antibug and what are yours if you have any?

See you all for the new episode!

~LittleMissSquiggles (2016)

((All this talk about PPG got me into doing THIS.

SHOCK everyone. This is the first real PPG fanart I have ever done in my life.

THIS SHOW CAME OUT WHEN I WAS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and this is the first fan art I have ever, EVER done for it.


Oh my god…..

And yes, there are stickers and mugs for this. I have no control over my life. ))