#2 Princess Morebucks.

I don’t know if I’m going to get flack for putting her above Sedusa, or admitting that I like her more than Him.

Princess is my favorite of all the female villains from PPG. Her character stays consistent throughout all her appearances,and well….I think she’s kinda cute. I honestly find her design a bit more appealing that the main three….maybe because I think frizzy hair and freckles are just adorable, but to each their own.

Another reason is because well…she’s like a bratty version of Batman. All the money and top scientists at her hand and the money to get the latest in technologies. It’s freaking Batman if her was a spoiled privileged brat…and I love it!

Not to mention she’s one of the few villains to spot light in one of the PPG specials, ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas.

It’s just….I freaking love Princess!

….but seriously guys…freckles and frizzy hair = <3

Thoughts on the Powerpuff Girls Reboot
  • Theme song 👎🏽
  • Animation is 👌🏽
  • The hotline can't be a cell phone, I'm sorry
  • The one-off jokes are pretty hilarious
  • Pretty subpar first episode though
  • Buttercup is a little too butch
  • Voices are WRONG
  • I can't get invested...
  • Really, Princess Morebucks is the first villain from the old series we see?? Not Mojo Jojo, The Gang Green Gang, or even HIM??
  • Maybe it'll grow on me
  • So much meh
  • Final Thoughts: The episodes focus too much on the drama outside of the actual villains. I want crime-fighting, not emotional subplots on what's going on in the girls' lives. The old series seemed to weave and balance these two elements well, but it feels forced in the reboot. I'll watch it to see if it gets better, but right now I give it a 6.5/10.