((All this talk about PPG got me into doing THIS.

SHOCK everyone. This is the first real PPG fanart I have ever done in my life.

THIS SHOW CAME OUT WHEN I WAS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and this is the first fan art I have ever, EVER done for it.


Oh my god…..

And yes, there are stickers and mugs for this. I have no control over my life. ))

My headcannon for the  Teen powerpuff girls with Princess and Bell since they also play a huge impact!
Tallest of her sisters, and the thinest, usually wearing shorts, and has her long hair pulled back into a bun by her signature red bow. Same goes for her uniform.
Middle height, and hourglass shaped. Has the most muscle and always has her green jacket. Her uniform is the most loose fitting.
Like many others before me I always loved the idea of Bubbles being on the chubbier side while also being the smallest of her sisters. Usually always wearing skirts and poofy sleeved shirts, Bubbles still keeps her hair in pigtails. Her uniform is the only one with a skirt.
Only an inch shorter than Blossom, Princess makes up for it with high heels. Having gained her childhood goal of becoming a powerpuff girl, Princess updated her suit, which tends to show off her Lollipop shape, but doesn’t stop her from having  the same spoiled attitude as before, just not as bad.
Average height, and a pear shape, no one knows that much about Bell, not even where she had gotten her uniform, ( since the professor designed the girls from same type of fabric as there original uniforms).

#2 Princess Morebucks.

I don’t know if I’m going to get flack for putting her above Sedusa, or admitting that I like her more than Him.

Princess is my favorite of all the female villains from PPG. Her character stays consistent throughout all her appearances,and well….I think she’s kinda cute. I honestly find her design a bit more appealing that the main three….maybe because I think frizzy hair and freckles are just adorable, but to each their own.

Another reason is because well…she’s like a bratty version of Batman. All the money and top scientists at her hand and the money to get the latest in technologies. It’s freaking Batman if her was a spoiled privileged brat…and I love it!

Not to mention she’s one of the few villains to spot light in one of the PPG specials, ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas.

It’s just….I freaking love Princess!

….but seriously guys…freckles and frizzy hair = <3

Princess glared judgingly at the new comer as he talked to the captain of the ship, apparently her father had decided that her constant failure of capturing that obnoxious star, and her whiny companion, that he had sent someone to assist her. Scoffing at the very idea that some boy could do better than her, Princess left the room with a huff. Heading down the hallway, footsteps began to chase after her.

“My lady! Please wait for a moment!” Ignoring the voice behind her the redhead continued down the hall. “Oh your royal highness who is so above me, would you please spare one moment for this lowly commoner!” Stopping dead in her trance, Princess slowly turned around, an enraged look across her face.

“Ahh finally I got your attention, your highness, it seems that we have not yet been formally introduced. I am Chad Dicksons; your father has sent me to help you.” Chad said taking a knee then kissed Princesses hand. Pressing her lips into a tight scowl, doing everything in her power to keep her cool.
Hey everybody, remember that Jacksom fan fiction I haven’t updated in forever? Well I am still working on it, and finally got princesses look finalized!
Princess belongs to ppg
Chad belongs to KND