Moonbeam: *crawls into Daddy’s bed*  Can I sleep here, Daddy?

Daddy: In my bed? Sure! Here, let’s get all snugly under the covers. *snuggles*

Where to tonight? I know! Unda da sea!  Everyone knows that dreams can’t swim. And not many monsters can either. We’re going to the Queen of the Sea’s mermaid palace! She’ll be more than happy to have you, seeing as how your a princess and all. Royalty sticks together.

There you can sleep in a beautiful conch-shell tower in the coral city. Mermen ride seahorse cavalry all around, protecting everyone within. And mermaid shield maidens are fierce with their harpoons and circular blue shields. You have nothing to worry about from monsters.

But it’s a long trip, Princess. You go ahead and get ready to sleep. I’ll wake you if anything exciting happens. Goodnight, little one.

Moonbeam: Night, night, Papa Bear. I can’t wait to be there… I can picture it now… *falls asleep imagining the under sea world*