All about Hot Dog Princess

Voiced by: Maria Bamford

Species: Hot Dog person

Ruler of: Hot Dog Kingdom

  • Her and all other Hot Dog people are immune to poison.
  • She’s appeared as a major character in 4 episodes,  6 episodes as a minor character, and was mentioned in 1 episode.
  • Her castle is just a dog house surrounded by a fence.
  • She is much larger than her knights, she is the size of a small dog while they are the size of hotdogs. 
  • She has a crush on Finn.
  • Her design is based off of a dachshund mixed with a cocker spaniel.
  • Hog Dog Princess’ bottom half was used as a leg to make Princess Monster Wife.
Let Me Show You Something Special
  • Let Me Show You Something Special
  • Ice King

Ice King - Let Me Show You Something Specialx

Ice King: Let me show you something special…
I can introduce your parts to something new…
Every moment now is….special!
Just as long as I am spending it with you…
You and you and you!

Prerecorded tape of Ice King’s singing:
There is so much beauty in this land of ice…
The air is cold, but my feelings feel so warm and nice…

Ice King and Recording together:
Every turn and spin,
Will remind us where we’ve been…
Will remind us when we found
something special!
Will remind us when we found something special

anonymous asked:

Betty saves save ice king returning him to Simon, they get married and invite all the princess but on the big day something happens the princes start spazing out and part of there bodies start falling of and come together to make princess monster wife, she shout he my MAN and punches Betty in the face and run of with a confused Simon