Finally finished and uploaded my lookbook video! I had a lot of fun making this so I hope you like it! It would make me really happy if you would share it with your friends. <3

the signs as nice things
  • Aries: Warm clothes fresh from the dryer, The sound of muffled rain and a fireplace, Finding really great music, Seeing/Doing awesome skating tricks.
  • Taurus: Having enough money to buy that thing you always wanted, Sunshine on your back, A child asking if you're a princess/prince, Melty marshmallows in a hot drink.
  • Gemini: Terrible karaoke with friends, Petting a very happy dog, Halloween candy, Colourful windchimes, Playing your favourite video game.
  • Cancer: That sleepy sort of warmth before bed, Finding beautiful shells on a beach, Getting the bigger half of a wishbone, The perfect eyeliner wings.
  • Leo: S'mores by a campfire with friends, Messy finger-painting, Cat's purrs, Feeling confident and energetic, Picnics in forests or by rivers.
  • Virgo: Big warm genuine hugs, Relaxing on a hammock in summer with fresh lemonade, Dimples, Taking a perfect picture, Sunrises.
  • Libra: Sitting outside with a blanket and watching the stars, Exploring a new place, Getting every answer right on a quiz, Sunsets.
  • Scorpio: Doing a really good piece of art, Hot showers, Terribly punny dad jokes, Getting the last piece of chocolate/cake, The softest blanket.
  • Saggitarius: Taking a slow walk through nature, Jokes that make you laugh at silliness of it more than the actual joke, Reading a really good book, Fast wifi.
  • Capricorn: Laughing uncontrollably at silly things, Silk sheets, Playing/Singing a song perfectly, Growing your own garden.
  • Aquarius: Watching your breath come out as steam on cold mornings, Building a sandcastle for the purpose of wrecking it, Wildly natural places, The smell of incense.
  • Pisces: Movie marathons at group sleepovers, Butterfly kisses, Floral tattoos/Patterns, Snorkeling and seeing colourful fish and coral, Perfect eyebrows.