I truly love when people SHOW that they listen to what I say like it’s happened twice today the first time was when my friend came over and I was still in the background on the phone with my buddy and she asked why and I said that it helps me feel not so alone when I’m getting ready and then hung up out of courtesy and then when she left she called me because she knew that I hung up and didn’t want me to feel alone and that truly wow-ed me that she remembered that I said that and then the second time that happened today it was just now when my buddy was like “I won’t reblog ___ because I don’t think you’d like it very much” and just ???!!! that’s really nice of you my love I appreciate that like it’s your blog and you can do whatever the crap you want but you know that it makes me uncomfortable and you don’t wanna do that and just wow I appreciate the people in my life

It’s like 4 am. what have i become…  Yo! Making a little post for my idea for the awesome Yuri Game Jam. I have over a dozen things I want to do so hopefully I stick to this idea lmao

I’ll make a proper post announcing the game justly when September rolls around and I can start working on it but for now…here it is! 

Crook To Queen

Katrina “Kat” Eoh is broke, poor, poverty-stricken; what ever way you want to slice the bread she can’t afford. Working as a fake-medium and fortune teller just doesn’t make as much money as it used to and she is constantly finding that her only moments of joy each day are with the little amounts of gold that she earns before it is taken away to pay for rent. For once though, it seems her luck might be turning around after the sweet princess enters her small business. What better costumer than a naive princess? Right? 

Turns out Katrina couldn’t be more wrong, and some time between chanting random words and waving her hands around, the princess ends up possessed

Find out more about the game on my WIP tumblr page for it. 

The game also features a colorful cast of queer women. Those marked with hearts will have romantic endings! There are also platonic endings too if you’re not feeling the romance.


The Sovereign-Princess wants to thank the invitation and would like to gift the twin princesses with these brooches. In art deco style and entirely of diamonds, together, form the shape of a butterfly. This piece represents the union of the two princesses in their royal duties.

HSH desires the best for the princesses and her mothers.



Their Royal Highnesses the Princesses Jessica and Katrina of Catherineburg have planned an Anniversary Celebration to celebrate their mothers, The Duchess and Duchess Consort’s 1 year Wedding Anniversary. 

The event will take place in the ballroom at Catherineburg Palace and all members of each royal household are invited to attend.

The event will be a black tie event where each guest must wear some orange element as that was the wedding colour and tiaras are required.

The event will be at 8 pm EST on Sunday 16 August 2015. There will be dinner and surprise musical guests!

The Princesses wish that you all attend.

The tags for this event will be #royalfrp #royalFJ #mamascatherineburg 

Her Royal Highness Princess Katrina of Catherineburg attends her Debutante Ball.

The Princess is honoured to have such an event held in her honour. 

The Princess is wearing a Reem Acra gown, Casadei heels, Stephen Webster necklace, Neiman Marcus earrings, and an Allurez bracelet. She is carrying a Judith Leiber clutch. 

Her tiara is an antique she found gathering dust in the jewel vault.

The Princess is wearing the Order of the Fashionista sash and Order, the Family Order of King Colin I, and the Order of the Maple Leaf. She is also wearing the special medal commemorating this ball.

She wishes to thank everyone for attending and hope that everyone has fun!

(via HRH Princess Katrina of Catherineburg Attends her Debutante Ball)

Her Royal Highness, Princess Charlotte of Saar, Countess of Saarbrücken, walks into the Debutante Ball of TRH the princesses Jessica and Katrina of Catherineburg.

HRH is wearing a fancy Krikor Jabotian dress, Cartier pearl earrings, Van Cleef & Arpels ballerina brooch, nude heels, the Mellerio Shell Tiara, the order of the House of Schwarzbach and the medal of the Debutante Ball of the twin princesses.

Charlotte is seen deply touched and her eyes are seen wet through all the event. She said that she would have loved to attend to princess Tina’s debutante ball and that the only gift she gave to the princess back in that time was a simple tiara. She kissed the duchesses of Catherineburg in both cheeks and with deep affection. “I should have been here” she said. As the event progressed, Charlotte tried to show a better look and her mood improved when the brother of her fianceé (who we haven’t seen in a while…), Prince Christian Ludwig of Prussia, took her to the dance floor.

The Duchess Consort of Quisque attends the debutante ball for Princess Jessica and Princess Katrina of Catherineburg and Waanasear. She is wearing a pink bandage dress with her purple sash from the House of Sussexy alongside the medal that was issued for the ball and a diamond sunburst brooch to pin her sash in place. She is wearing the Baden Fringe tiara, pink suede shoes, a matching diamond earring and bracelet set and a pearl and diamond ring. She has her hair loose and simple make-up. She hopes to enjoy the night and wishes well the the two princesses.