-I feel like you have to be a mix of Betty and Veronica

-Like nice and caring but at the same time kick-ass

-Cuz you’ll need to take care of him when he’s being sensitive

-But also slap some sense into him when he’s having an Archie Pity Party

-You’ve known him almost as long as Betty

-But you don’t hang around him too much

-You actually get closer to Archie after him and Jughead break up, and spend the summer with him

-You keep him away from the pedophile Hoe Ms.Grundy

-You literally have to tie the bitch down because he’s convinced they love each other

-”Archie, you’re a sophmore in highschool! The only thing you should be in love with is candy and skipping school!”

-He gets butthurt when you say that, because HE JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED

-So you make him a deal: if he stays away from Ms. Grundy, you help him with his music and with his dad’s business

-He agrees because he knows you’d give him hell otherwise

-On July 4th you’re the one by the river with him, and he’s singing a song he made for you when you kiss him

-and then the gunshot

-From then on you two are inseparable

-(More like he refuses to leave you alone)

-Archie’s a puppydog when it comes to you

-He either can’t or won’t say no to what you want

-It’s just physically hard for him to deny you

-Both of you are fans of PDA

-You like showing girls that the new hottie is yours

-He just likes kissing you, holding you touching you

-Archie’s a little horndog

-He tries to deny it but he gets one look at your body and it’s like BAM

-You have to slap the horniness out of him most of the times

-But the other times you’re perfectly fine with it

-He’s super protective, especially when he sees Reggie

-He puffs out his chest and tries to seem bigger than he is

-”Put your chest down superman.”

-You call him Arch, Archina, Superman, Horndog

-He calls you Princess, Cupcake, Sunshine, Queen, and other things he tries out

-The nicknames make you wanna gag 95% of the time

-He’s the clingy one in public

-You’re the clingy one in private

-It’s what makes your relationship work so well

-When you get insecure, Archie gets super sad because he wants you to see yourself as the goddess he knows you are

-So he wraps you up in a blanket like a sushi roll, and lays your head in his lap on the couch so you can binge watch The Simpsons

-His Dad adores you

-You’re constantly over his house for dinner because his dad already thinks of you as family

-His Dad also always takes your side during arguments

-”Archie, honey, you’re being stupid. Now go get my future daughter-in-law back please.”

-Archie gets mesmerized by you a lot, even if your sleeping

-He’s a creeper when he wakes up earlier than you, all he does is watch you breathe

-He also loves seeing his marks on you, makes him even more aroused

-The little shit hides your concealer so that people can see it

-”Princess, it’s because you don’t need make up.”

-”Archie I SWEAR TO GOD–”

-He can’t sleep without you, and vice versa

-Y’all are each other’s ride-or-die

-You’re the one always giving him a ride

-He’s the one that’d actually die without you


-He can’t do anything himself

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You know what I hate about some of the SU Critical posts? The holier-than-thou “redesigns.” It’s like, there’s redesigning a character, and there’s demanding changes because the artist’s ideas aren’t good enough for you and acting as though you’re morally and creatively superior for doing so. I swear, all the redesigns are this kind of thing:

“Well, it’s just offensive how white people exist, or how this character is ambiguous, because if they’re not obviously African-American, they’re white and can’t possibly be anything else and that’s offensive. So I made it Better™ by doing nothing but making them Non-White and changing nothing else.”

“Bright colors offend me because a rainbow killed my parents, and I’m mad anyone would dare use any bright colors ever. This character was introduced at night or in dark lighting so I demand that be their permanent palette.”

Like, I get some of the complaints people have, and I agree on a few things, but for god’s sake. I’m tired of everyone complaining about Rose Quartz’s skin and Blue Diamond’s nose and Mystery Girl’s HAIR and fucking literally EVERYTHING.

Marichat May Day 24 - "I Owe You One"

When Marinette jokes with Chat about her feeding him so much, he decides to bring her cupcakes. He also finds it to be the perfect opportunity to ask her something he’d been wanting to for awhile.

Rated G || 1,341 Words

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The Missing Cupcake

“Thanks Marinette.” Chat’s voice was muffled as he spoke around the half of a croissant he’d stuffed in his mouth. If Marinette wasn’t so used to interpreting him with his mouth full she would have never understood what he’d said. A moment more of chewing the pastry then Chat continued after gulping it down. “I definitely owe you one.”

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royal family july 2017 photo challenge [7/31] : favorite photo(s) of a royal from 2017

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Can we just pause for a second and treasure how happy Emma was in this episode? The beaming smiles, the giggles, the spring in her step, the hearteyes.

All I’ve ever wanted is to see her this happy. I know there’s things she doesn’t know so she’s blissfully oblivious to stuff that will harsh her mellow, but for now I’m just gonna bask in the glorious sunbeams of her smiles.