Good books I’ve read - Although the one guys name threw me, which took a little away from it. But, otherwise, it was a really good read and I would definitely check it out/buy it (For Amira’s hair of course). The ending is full of feels. 

ironic--laughter  asked:

what if jazan wasn't present at that meeting because along with all the other belongings, he got stolen away from nabile. and while everyone is all angry, he's probably sitting alone in some dark room with useless stuff from the other royals, muttering and making stink faces in the dark


watercolour; a super super duper thank you to Jenn for sending me the copies of Fionna and Cake that I didn’t have!! ;___; they’re impossible to get in New Zealand and she was so so sweet for offering, and when I asked what I could draw for her in return she asked for captain amira. SO LOVELY AAAA I love the comics so much, thank you Jenn!! I will be sending the hard copy of this tomorrow along with some other sketches of the girls :>


This comic now available in a sparkling new voice acted version.

Evan: King Altador, King Hagan and Jazan

Me: Amira, Nabile and Princess Lunara

Favorite Kids Comic of 2016: Princess Princess Ever After

O’Neill, Katie. Princess Princess Ever After. Oni Press, 2016. 56p. 978-1620103401.

A simple and sweetly romantic story about two princesses who are unsure about their respective roles until they meet each other. Princess Amira is tomboyish and dark-skinned, and has fled the duties of her kingdom to rove around on a unicorn in search of adventure. Sadie is a more feminine princess whose sister has locked her in a tower and continuously shames her abilities as well as her body. Amira frees Sadie and the two set off together to find their places in the world. It’s a breezy story that moves perhaps too quickly, but is a valuable addition for open-minded collections thanks to its straightforward handling of self-acceptance and same-sex relationships. That it ends with the two princesses having an adorable wedding should surprise no one and delight everyone.