Makeup in Movies

Being the beauty addict I am I can’t help but pay attention to the numerous beauty products that appear as props in movies…

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is filled with beauty products which isn’t surprising since Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson) works at a top Women’s magazine. Throughout the film Revlon appears with nail polishes and advertisements in “Composure”. Later on we can see an array of products that Andie has placed in Ben’s bathroom such as: Revlon Nail Polish, a Stila Palette, and an Estee Lauder Cleanser.

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A finished collaboration between myself and the fantastic AquaGalaxy! Like last time, I did the lineart and she did the breathtaking coloring; I highly recommend her gallery to anyone who’s looking for good art. Definitely go and check her out! C:

This is part 2 of our Princess Sisters collaboration, where the general idea was the sisters flying around space doin’ their thing with their designs based off of this: AU Sketchdump- Celestia and Luna

This one is of, of course, Celestia, and here is princess Luna’s version: Princess Luna

So yeah! Our collabs for the Con are complete; I have a really good feeling about these two doing well. In the meantime, if you’re going to Bronycon definitely make sure you visit Aqua’s table, as well as visit her gallery, And thanks again for collaborating with me Aqua! I really appreciate it! ^.^


The hubby and I went to Savannah this weekend, and stopped at this quaint little shop. Had all sorts of oddities in it, some of which included luxury perfumes from England. And of course, me being me, I saw this and freaked out. 

It’s a men’s scent, but holy hell, I wanted to wear it. I don’t know exactly what scent they were aiming for, but to me, it smelled like lavender, but not quite as strong and floral-y. It was very soft. And slightly sweet. It was heaven, and I wanted it. If a scent was ever given to a fictional character that I ever had a crush on ever in my life, this would be it. 

Unfortunately, with a luxury brand came the luxury price and it wasn’t even remotely possible to get it, but some day, I will own this. And on that day, I will be one of the happiest Sailor Moon nerds alive. 

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