princess amalia


Part 2 of my Tristeva (Tristepin/Evangelyne) tribute hehe ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_  you can check out Part 1 over here. all the scenes here are referenced from season 2 of the Wakfu series. and yes, they did do rule 63 (aka genderbend rule) if only for the girls yet still pretty damn amusing. somehow my hand slipped and coloring got even more detailed (probably cos season 2 is a lot prettier than season 1 and i wanted to replicate some of the details). i’m still gona draw more Tristeva but i’ll also be drawing some of my fave side characters (ʃƪ ˘ v˘)

Princess Claire of Luxembourg 

is underappreciated. Not only is she beautiful, a royal, and the mother of two kids (Amalia & Liam of Nassau), but she is pursuing a doctorate in organ donation ethics and she’s a bioethics researcher! Think that’s not cool enough? She speaks four languages (German, English, French, and Italian) and was a visiting scholar at Georgetown.


still obssessed with wakfu hahaha ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ *bricked* anyway, first half of something like a sketch dump for my favorite ship Tristeva (aka Tristepin/Evangelyne). sketched these out some time ago and all scenes are referenced from season one of the series. i feel so bad about messing up goultard! ;n; i hadn’t planned on coloring… but my hand apparently had other plans ( = 3 =)ノ 


♔ Future Kings and Queens of Europe ♕

Elisabeth ➞ Belgium ♕

Catharina-Amalia ➞ the Netherlands ♕

Ingrid Alexandra ➞ Norway ♕

Christian ➞ Denmark ♔

Leonor ➞ Spain ♕

Estelle ➞ Sweden ♕

George ➞ the United Kingdom ♔