Will was busy cutting his toast into thin strips and forming rude pictographs out of them.

“What is that supposed to be?” Jem asked curiously. “It looks almost like a -” He glanced up, saw Tessa, and broke off with a grin. “Good morning.

—  Clockwork Angel, the chapter where Jem was about to say dick.

“ Ah,” said a voice from the doorway, “having your annual ‘everyone thinks Will is a lunatic’ meeting, are you?”
“It’s biannual,” said Jem. “And no, this is not that meeting.”

-Will and Jem

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A quick doodle for Stephanie Brown’s birthday!! 

@stephaniebrowm it’s time to celebrate your gf’s birth)

Lets go with the story that she knows how ugly her shirt is, but the batfam all drew little purple hearts on her shirt to show how much she loves them. The biggest heart surprisingly isn’t from Cass, but Bruce! 

And maybe her crown is a little lopsided and stuff, but Damian tried to make it as nice as he could after Tim dropped soda on it.

Jason thought he was funny by writing “Hey! Spoiler Alert! You’re old!” 


AAAH TY TY ;u;  I really needed this trip like gosh golly;;; bUT ALSO  IF I CAN I’LL TOTALLY BUY A ROCK FOR YA AND SEND IT TO YA

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idk if you do aus but prince AU with oikawa falling for the princess (s/o) who is in the enemy/rival kingdom? thanks a lot cutie! 💕💕

Oikawa is helplessly in love.

Here he was, a prince of the very respectable Aoba Jousai Kingdom standing in front of you, the beautiful princess of a prestigious kingdom. Except your kingdom was a rival of his.

That is why Oikawa planned to meet with you in the shadows of the night. He wore a cloak to camouflage himself with the darkness of the late hours.

“Greetings Princess [Name].” Oikawa took your hand in his, bowing slightly whilst placing a peck on the top of your hand. He stares from underneath his eyelashes a smile boring onto his features.

Your heart skips a beat due to his handsome smile. You didn’t dare cower from his gaze and kept a neutral expression on your face. “Tooru Oikawa from Aoba Jousai.”

“Yes, that is my name.” Oikawa released the hold of your hand but the charming smile never left his face. “I am delighted to see you actually wanted to meet with me.”

“The letter I found on my bedside informed me about a meeting with someone but I didn’t expect it would be you.” Said letter can be seen to be held tightly by your hand.

“Oh? Did you expect another prince who desired to meet you here?”

“I did.” You straighten your back, showing a rigid expression. “I demand to know why you called me out here. You dare to lay another finger on me and I will be sure to alert the guards.”

“No need for such drastic measures Princess.” Oikawa shortened the distance between the two of you with light steps. “I only wanted to see your face again.”

Oikawa was causing a foreign feeling to occur in your chest. You were glad the darkness of the night was able to conceal your glowing red face. Of course you weren’t going to allow him to know the effect his actions were having on you. “Why? Is your kingdom plotting something against mine?”

“I would hope not. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if something were to happen to you.” Oikawa’s smile faded morphing into a look of longing.

The expression on his face caused you to sadden a bit, your brave front now wavering.“W-why are you acting like this?”

Oikawa wasn’t able to resist the temptation. Even under the moonlight your face glowed with such a beautiful radiance, a glow which always captivated his attention. He knows he shouldn’t give in to this temptation since there will surely be consequences in the future, but how could he resist with such an alluring person in front of him.

His arms wander around your torso. He pulls you towards him burying his nose into your hair which had the aroma of the purest flowers.

You found yourself in the standstill. Your mind told you to push this man away from you. It would be dangerous if you ever become involved with him, for several reasons. On the other hand your heart enjoyed the feeling of having Oikawa so close to your form. You felt safe with his arms around you. His affection for you was obvious by his solid but fragile hold.

“Princess are you there?” A voice bellows causing the both of you to return to the unjust reality you live in.

“A guard is searching for me,” you whisper.

Oikawa lessens his hold of you but doesn’t release you just yet. His brown eyes bore into your own as he takes in every detail of your face before the two have to part. He analyzes the shape and hue of your eyes hoping to see them in his dreams. His eyes wander down the bridge of your nose until they land on your pink lips. His finger wanders to your lips hovering over them.

“Princess! If you hear me please come forth!” The guard’s voice is much closer now.

Oikawa decides against his previous actions. He releases his hold of you and takes slow steps backwards. A sad smile is flashed your way.

You could only stare back with an expression filled with ache and yearning as you already have started to miss his touch.

“Don’t stare at me with such a saddened look Princess.” Oikawa pulls the hood over his head concealing his face. “I will come back for you some day then we will be able to live with one another as a couple. I will sneak into this kingdom as many times as I need to.”

Oikawa gives a short wave before advancing towards some shrubs. You weren’t able to determine how far he was due to the concealing darkness and his silent steps.

You stood rigid in your spot. You warned yourself of what would happen if you were to become involved with him. The first moment you were able to set your eyes on him you promised yourself you would bear as much hate towards him; his kingdom rivaled yours so it was only logical to do so.

But he made slow advances towards you. Several times gifts would be delivered to you with the most precious of flowers and the sweetest of messages. When he made his presence noticed you were surprised beyond belief. How would you fall in love with the man who was destined to be your enemy?

Yet here you are, helplessly in love.

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Arial is now a mermaid with red hair and and a green tail and is a disney princess for 2 hours.

*Arial becomes Arial from the little mermaid* Ahhhhhhh~ *She sings out*

Zexal Month Week 3: Open AU ideas

I’m going to use this opportunity to build some hype for a story I just published. It’s called Star-Crossed and I have been working on it for months. It’s Keyshipping in a Treasure Planet/Romeo and Juliet-meets-Goong/Princess Hours (a Korean drama, has anyone seen it?) kind of setting. So let’s build us a world and give some back story here!

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