Best Asian Dramas Based On Mangas/Manhwas/Webtoons:

Full House:


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Thai Version:



Korean Drama:



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Hana Kimi:


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Korean Version:

Hana Yori Dango:


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Akuma De Sourou:


Taiwanese Drama:

I think there are many more, but this are the ones I could think of =) Like you can see I love asian dramas <3 <3

 Trying not to love you, only goes so far.
Trying not to need you, is tearing me apart.
I just keep on trying, but I don’t know what for.
Cause trying not to love you, only makes me love you more.
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  • Jem: Has anyone seen Will?
  • Will [lying face down on the floor]: Present.
Love grows like a flower.
Before growing, it needs a lot of attention.
It's the same for love.

Both of you need to be honest.
Forgive and respect each other.
Take care of one another for better and for worse.
Remember this and love each other forever.

Goong (Dec. 2002 - Dec. 2011) by Park So Hee

Monarchy laid extinct in Korea since long ago, but what if Korea had continued monarchism? What if the royal families continued with the normal royal customs? Welcome to the world where Korea never ended monarchism. Che Gyeong, the high school girl protagonist, found out that she has been promised in marriage to the current prince… who’s actually not at all what he seems to be from his good looks… because he’s a big jerk.

‘Boys are yucky, sweetheart.’ - Daddy!Harry Styles Imagine

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Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

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It was a normal Saturday afternoon, the missus was bored, she is finally on maternity leave, again, making her trying to find things to do. She dropped her five year old, Caleb off at a friend’s house for a playdate, and her newly twins were doing nothing.

When Charlotte was born, she was unlike the other two she had, she does not cry, whine and she is very stubborn, just like the missus. Therefore, she had to keep a closer eye on her because she does not express her emotions, like babies should. She had to constantly check to see, if she needs a change or a nap. They had to follow the schedule for meal times because she would not whine for food, she is very passive, but stubborn. She would not eat unless, she was hungry, she would not cry, unless tired, and she would not smile, unless it was Harry. She would always smile at him, but never her, though she is more connect to her, she rather be with her than Harry.

While with the other twin, Tate, she was the opposite, loud around his family, but the minute a friend or Nana or Auntie Gem came into view, he was quiet, almost embarrassed. They loved each of them equally, but sometimes, he is a little bit easier to take care of. 

The both of them were almost identical, just the genders differ them. They were fraternal, but over time, Harry and (Y/N) think that they will look different. Both blonde with brown hair, but slowly grew to blonde in the last few weeks. Brown eyes, and the love to smile. 

Harry was in his office, working on records and all, calling up his managers and figuring out dates for interviews and shows, while she was fiddling around the kitchen, feeding the twins and watching Rosie play with her doll. Being on maternity leave always drove her insane, she has to work, she has to keep busy. Though she is constantly on survival mode with taking care of a five year old, a three year old and a eight month old babies, without sometimes, Harry’s help.

“Here, poppet, take the bottle.” She told Tate, giving him the bottle filled with lukewarm milk. He took it with ease, watching his mum walk around the kitchen, cleaning up from lunch. The twins were the only Styles baby that looks like a replica of the missus, though Caleb did have blonde hair, over time it changed to brown, and Rosie turned out to be a redhead, which took both Harry and the missus by surprise. Though, it does run through her side of the family, and a tad bit through his.

She continued to clean the dishes, unpack the dishwasher, pack it again, wash the counter, it was the same routine everyday. Sometimes she stops what she is doing and plays with the kids, and leave the chores to later, but Rosie seemed quite busy.

It was a few minutes later when Harry walked in, he placed his elbows on the quartz counter and crossed his arms, leaning on it. He watched her, entertaining their babies, while keeping busy, he did not have words for how much he loved her, it was so hard to describe, and she gave him everything.

“Hey, love.” He finally said, walking up to her, tapping her on the butt, grabbing a glass of water. She said a quick ‘hello’ and went back to trying to feed their other baby.

“I need to grab somethings from the mall, do you want to bring the Rose, and the twins, and come? You did tell me you needed to buy some new shirts.” He told her, she got up, kissing him on the cheek, giving him the spoon and a bowl of baby food, freshly blended.

“That’ll be fine, remember we have to pick up Caleb around five, so we can be there for a few hours.” She told him, going up the stairs quickly. He mumbled an ok, and tried to feed the both of them, which they took acceptably, after a while.

(Y/N) came down a few minutes later, changed into black skinny jeans, a striped shirt and some flats on, placing her hair quickly into a braid, with her glasses on. She had the baby bag on her shoulder, placing it on the counter, grabbing some items, like bottles, and baby food, as well as, some cloths/bibs.

“Ok, do you want to head? I can drive.” He said, she nodded, Harry grabbed Charlotte out of the high chair, wiping her mouth and hands, placing her into her car seat, and (Y/N) did the same with Tate. 

“Hey, Rosie, we are heading to the mall, come on, grab your dolls.” She said, kneeling down next to her, giving her her shoes and coat.

Harry placed the black baby bag over his shoulder, pushing back his hair with his ringed fingers, signaled to go, grabbing Charlotte’s car seat with his right hand, and Tate in his left. (Y/N) picked up his keys from the bowl by the door and followed him out, holding Rosie’s hand, picking up her handbag on the way out.

She went in the front, closing the door of the Range Rover, and checking if the kids are doing well and that Harry placed them both in the correct place and lock, and him going to the front, her handing him his keys, and beginning to put the car into drive.

“Just the closest one, right?” She asked, placing her seatbelt over herself, giving Rosie her dolls. He nodded, starting to back out, once done, he placed his hand on her thigh, tapping to the beat of the music, her smiling, laughing as well. Harry gave (Y/N) a look, sticking his tongue out, then looking back at the road, silently singing to the radio, her joining in a little bit, while trying to keep quiet for the twins sleeping.

They soon turned up at the mall, trying to find a carpark in a unbusy area, and under the shade, but close to the mall. It took a couple of circles around the area, a couple of swears from Harry when someone took his spot, and a little bit of smacking on the arm of the missus for Harry to stop such profanity in front of the kids, though Rosie did not help, but giggle, taking her father’s side. But soon they found it, getting out at the same time. Harry and (Y/N) decided that she will take the twins in the stroller, Harry got her for when the twins were born, while Harry will carry the heavy baby bag while watching his little, one of his little, princess.

Few hours later, a few tantrums of Rosie with wanting things, a few arguments on (Y/N) telling him she does not need expensive shirts, they decided to head to a clothes store for the twins and Rosie. Walking in, (Y/N) instantly heading to the clearance aisle, while Harry had to turn her, not wanting to cheap out. The difference between the missus and Harry is the fact that (Y/N) likes something cute, cheap, and comfy for her kids, while Harry likes the most stylish thing possible. Two very different styles. Therefore, the two of them, shopping for the kids, took several minutes or hours to agree. Different choices, and different looks are exchanged. But when you have a tired three year old, constantly hard to impress and distract it took some stern talking to, therefore Harry took her out.

The two of them were walking around the store, picking out outfits for Charlotte or Tate, and possible outfits that Rosie liked, and Harry liked, the two of them ran into some problems. The both of them were by the boy section, where Harry took a liking towards a pair of boots that he would like to buy for Caleb and Tate, to match, but Rosie spotted someone.

Rosie started to pull on Harry’s sleeve, trying to get his attention, once she did, several tugs later, he kneeled down next her, trying to get the same perception of viewing she was getting. Once doing so, he noticed who she was looking and pointing at, a young boy, with hazel eyes, curly brown hair and pale skin. He took notice of how she looked at him, starting to question the looks she was giving to him.

“What about him, poppet, it is not nice to point at people?” He told her, gently pushing her arm down from the raised point. She turned to him, a smile on her lips, eyes filled with excitement, she leaned in, to whisper something in her daddy’s ear, Harry placed his hand around her waist, helping her with her posture.

“I like him, daddy. I want him to be my boyfriend.” The minute she whisper those few words into his year, he immediately went into a jealous mode, but not showing it.

“Is that so, well, we got to go now, Ro. But I need to tell you some things before we meet mummy, ok?” He said, placing the pair of shoes and outfits in the other hand, grabbing her’s, slowly heading their way towards his wife.

“Honey, you’re little young to have a boyfriend, I don’t want you have a boyfriend, baby.” He started, she looked up, almost showing she was hurt.

“Why, daddy?” She simply said, giving him a questioning look, one that Harry loved from the start.

“Because boys are… boys are, yucky, sweetheart.” He said in the best way, she stopped, still giving him the puzzling look.

“But daddy, you’re a boy.”

“I know, but not all boys are icky, they’re not yucky when they are older, like me. But at your age, they like to play in the mud and get all dirty, we don’t want that, do we?” He said, she started to smile.

“You’re right, boys are icky, but not you, daddy, because I love you.” She stated, smiling, Harry started to smile, while skipping back to mummy. Harry joined her, dancing around the aisle, the missus giving him a stern, confused, ‘what is that for?’ look. He welcomed her, kissing her on a cheek, giving her the clothes.

“You’re getting better, I like these.” She simply said, he smiled, grabbing her right hand to hold.

The five of them made their way to the car, placing the few shopping bags in the boot, while placing their kids in their seats, Harry giving each of them a kiss, joining his love at the front.

“I had a stern talking to our daughter,” he began, looking at (Y/N), while he was driving, she gave him a puzzled look, asking him to continue, “she had a crush, and pointed him out to me at the store, telling me that she wanted him to be her boyfriend. I gave her a small talking to her about how boys are dirty since they play in the dirt. Hopefully that sticks till she comes to age where she notices boys are not like that, then I have to give her a talking of how boys are horny and cheaters, and that they will break your heart and that you should not date till you’re married and all, but that is a long time, hopefully.” He told her smiling down to her, she giggled, covering her mouth, placing her right hand on his thigh, patting it.

“God, you’re such an idiot, she is three, and you’re already getting overprotective.” She told him, he nodded.

“It’s not our fault that we made beautiful babies, and have amazing sex while doing so.” He said, (Y/N)’s eyes went large, hitting him on his leg. His smirk still played on his priceless face.

“Two things, first, make, not made, shit, two, you’re such a wanker.” She said, not taking his eyes off of him.

He started to laugh, “Two things, first, no profanity, two, I don’t wank that much anymore, since I have you.” He said, trying to mimic her. (Y/N) gave him a glare, and raised eyebrows.

“God, what have I gotten myself into, thankfully we have three sleepers back there, and also, remember, virgin ears.” She stated.

“But I love you, gorgeous.” She told him.

“I love you too, lovely.” He said quickly giving her a kiss on the cheek at the stop light.

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i was having a good day until i remembered that jem and will were only parabatai for three years, and jem never got to see will when he wasn’t haunted by his ‘curse’, or miserable because he was in love with tessa and couldn’t be with her, so he was never fully a part of will’s life when he was truly happy :)

  • Will: Do you trust me?
  • Jem: Sometimes.
  • Will: Make this one of those times.