princess vs. princess

Pretty much me looking at the fandom right now.

After Battle For Mewni aired I expected a big influx on young Moon fan art since we haven’t got any footage of her other than the comics. Was pretty excited since she’s quite an underrated character in my opinion (and her young voice was amazing).

Turns out that Golden Star (Godmode Star) and Tomstar stole her spotlight which is unfortunate because she’s god damn adorable.

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Emotions vs. Little: Busy Daddy

*When Daddy is busy all day*

Me: I miss Daddy!

Needy me: I just wanna talk to Daddy! Maybe I’ll text him…

Big me: He’s busy though, I don’t want to bother him…

Princess me: I am a princess, I demand attention.

Grumpy me: *grumpily eats snacks, grumpily drinks water, grumpily stomps around the house carrying stuffie, grumpily mumbles about missing Daddy*

Lonely me: I miss Daddy’s voice

Worried me: I’ll message him to check in on him…
Message: “Hi Daddy! I hope you’re having a good day! I love you and miss you!”

Insecure me: What if Daddy likes it better when we don’t talk?! What if he doesn’t want to message me!

Daddy: I am, I love and miss you too kitten

Me: *sigh of relief* Much better!