princess vs. princess


I was fortunate enough to attend both the opening and closing reception of the Star vs. The Forces of Evil art gallery and it was pretty amazing! I went as Marco Diaz (I think I pulled it off) and met some good folk, saw some great cosplays, and met part of the SVTFOE crew! these would include Daron Nefcy, the creator of the show, Adam McArthur, the voice of Marco Diaz, Brian Kim, the show’s composer, Dominic Bisignano and Aaron Hammersley, who are both supervising producers for the show, Becky Dreistadt, who does character designs, and Drake Brodahl, who does backgrounds for the show! Gotta give each person their credit for making such a wonderful show! And, if you are wondering, the S3 sneak peek for the new intro is amazing and I can’t wait for all of you to witness it when the show returns in the Summer! All in all, an amazing experience.

Janna tells it how it is (trans Marco fanfic)

so the set up for this fanfic is that marco knows she is trans, but has not come out yet, not even to star, I’m trying out a new writing style ^^ the writing is more like that of a RP, I like it a lot better, but if you all don’t like it please let me know and I will go back to how I did the last one ^^


*Marco is in her home all by her self, she is taking this time to her self to be a little more girly then she would be around star or her mom and dad, marco is painting her nails and is looking at what a good job she did ^^
just then Janna walks in and surprises Marco, marco then hides her hands behind her back*

Marco:  what or you doing here ?

Janna:  looking for star.. was hoping to hang out some, maybe watch a movie or something

Marco: well she is not here, her, and my mom and dad went out to get some stuff from that new shop
Janna: ohhh ok,

*Janna sees that  marco is hiding her hands*

Janna: what or you doing? why or your hands behind your back?

*marco not knowing what to do shows her that her nails or painted red*

marco: but its not what you thank….I…I….um..

Janna: oh relax Marco, I read your diary remember? I know all about your princess marco stuff, and about you wanting to be a girl full time :3

marco: O-O WTF!!! you really need to learn about personal space!!

*Marco gets red and shy not knowing what to say or do now*

marco: look Janna you can not!! tell anyone!! not even star ok? its… embarrassing….

Janna: embarrassing? you thank being a girl is embarrassing? wow! never would have thought the leader of the Rebel princesses would say that..

Marco: that’s not what I mean and you know it!!……….. I mean its embarrassing to be trans…… I mean…… I just want to be normal……

Janna: normal?? marco no one Great was ever normal!

marco: you just don’t get it…. I just what to be like ever other girl…… but I’m not…. and I know if I come out…. I will get made fun off…. even if star, mom and dad or ok whit it, what about Tom? or Jackie? or ever one at school?

Janna: look girl, your caring way too much about what others thank of you, you cant live your life for others, you only get one life, don’t waste it being unhappy…

*marco looks at her sad…… knowing she is right…. but still so scared, just then Janna and marco get a text form star saying for them to both come over to the new shop there getting pizza there*

Janna: well I’m going to go hang whet star, see you when I see you

*after Janna go’s to meat up whet star, marco is siting there feeling sad and alone…. and starts to cry….

marco: no! I’m not going to sit crying and feeling sorry for my self, its time I do something!

*marco go’s and gets a cute Green and red Dress out from the back or her closet, she puts it on, she then puts on a little make-up and styles her short hair as best she can, she then gets her dimensional scissors and go’s to meat up what star and the others to get pizza*
Marco see her mom, dad and star and janna all eating and she walk up*

marco: hey ever one ^^

*Janna looks happy to see Marco being her self, as marco sits to eat star is looking over marcos outfit*

star: so after we went out, did you have to go do some princess marco stuff in the other dimensions?^^

marco: no…..I just wanted to go out like this…… oh look star….mom and dad… I have something to tell you….I…..don’t feel like a boy….

star: don’t feel like a boy? hmm what do you mean?

marco: well I….you see….

Janna: oh for the love of Cthulhu! what she is trying to say it that she is trans! and
whats to be a girl from now on

Marco: -////- yeah… what she said..

*marcos mom and dad and star all look at each other and then back to marco and all say, ok!*

Dad: oh Youth, the time of life where life can be so frustrating and scary, I’m just happy your doing what makes you happy marco ^^

mom: oh if your going to be or daughter now, that means you will need a quinceanera?? and I will plan it for you ^^

star: yes! you so need a quinceanera^^  but! I thank ill plan it ^^

mom: oh star I’m her mother, its my job to plan it

star: well she told me I would be the party planner if she ever had a big party!

*star and marco’s mom argue over this for a long bit, but then decide to plan the party together, Marco is so happy there all calling her she, and or not upset whet her at all, she still thanking about what tom and Jackie will thank, but for now she just wants to enjoye the evening ^^

both the finales, storm the castle vs. starcrushed parallels (I hope nobody did this already lmao)