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Why ship Fluttercord? from a fluttercord fan

To me, it doesant’ matter

Who you ship Discord with, either it be Dislestia, Dispie, Twicord or you just don’t ship Discord in general, I don’t care, everyone has their own views and I respect that. I won’t disrespect your decision, but I will try to convince you why Fluttercord works.

Why Fluttercord?

When I got into the fandom last year in march, Season 3 was over. I was looking up characters of my little pony in episodes and I notice that in Season 2 there was a villain name Discord. I was immediately pulled into his character while reading about in on wikepidea so I saw “The return of harmony” .

I loved Discord, he is my favorite character and I was shocked to find when Fluttershy did ‘it give in to his manipulation, that he had to “discord” her manually. I did ‘it ship them at those two episode, I shipped them once I saw that Fluttershy reformed him. I was touched that she gave him a chance to be her friend and how quickly that Discord accepted her friendship, since he had no friends.

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I am in collage studying in English, and in my class we try to break down meaning behind shows and in writing and I subconsciously began reading the scenes.

No friends?

Well Discord did’it know what its like to have friends, he was properly not treated in kindness even by the princesses. He even quoted in “Keep calm and Flutter on” the he “never had a friend before”.

Which means Celestia or Luna wasn’t friends with him.  They might have tried, but due to his chaotic nature and what he did to Fluttershy, like turning her house upside down, eating paper, breaking her lamp and even turning the beavers evil. The princesses must have lost their patience, regarded it as a threat and proceeded to turn him into stone.

Can you blame them? He did took over Equestria.

When he accepted Fluttershy as his friend, she did not only show him Kindness, she also showed him love. When establishing a friendship, you must like the person. When you like them long enough is becomes Love, not romantic love but a brotherly and sisterly love, but I come to realize that they could be a romantic couple.

Who has fell in love with their best friend? I did with my guy friend. (go on raise your hand)

The reason why

1. The way they interact

Discord seems to treat Fluttershy more gently when he got reformed. In season 4 “Princess Twilight Sparkle part 1” he did nudged her, he calls her “my dear sweet Fluttershy” many times and he overalls listens to her without even arguing because she has an effect on him.

They even send each other letters. (maybe once a week) Considering that she went to visit the breezies and Discord came in a few minutes after the train departed and even then he still quotes.

“Where is that dear sweet Fluttershy? I need attention! I need some care! I need-!” (a date? Ha got to put that in there)

And even in the end of that episode “three’s a crowd” he is quoted “Just your presence makes me feel so much better”

Also if you look real close in the Promo of the season finale you will see Fluttershy laughing at his cosplay at 0.30 mark.


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-No Twicord, Why I disagree.

I see their relationship as  friendamis, friends and enemies, like Picard and Q in Star Trek the Next Generation. He is seen making fun of her, and I know what you Twicords are going to say.

“But it’s love, when he is bullying her, he actually likes her, just like in cartoons, anime and Manga! And REAL life!”

Well maybe its exaggerated but overall that’s what you’ll say.

Even though they spent most of their time together in the episode, and from the clip from the season finale, I see that he is really bragging to Twilight and making fun of her. Like stealing her bed by pretending he is sick, raiding her stuff, sending her to get the flower and chaos, chaos and being a jerk, to Twilight and the Mane 5. (excluding Fluttershy)

I have my own little head cannon that he picks on Twilight the most is because she is an alicorn. He steals Celestia’s tail, taunts at her in the “return of Harmony” and I believe he has some sort of annoyance with “alicorns”.  

Is it because “alicorns” turned him into stone?

I don’t really know.

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-Dislestia, why I no ship

There are not a lot of scenes of him interacting with Celestia except in “the return of Harmony” where he is taunting her. I know that most of you ship them because of one line he said. “Did you miss me? I missed you”

I think he said that because he is planning is revenge on her and to take over Equestria again. She is, to him, the one in charge. I believe he is not into authority very much. He did’it even go to her but to the mane 6. If he really did loved her, either in the past (from fanon) or in the present, would’ent he spend more time with her?

From the clip of the season finale, he is chosen to retrieve a villain over Twilight. (possibly the reason why he was reformed). Hey why send your prize pupil if you could send the chaos master to defeat a “magic-stealing” villain?…….pretty suspicious.


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DisPie- no ship.

No interaction

He only said he liked Laughter is because he likes to manipulate for fun, he got a few laughs out when Ponyville was in chaos.

“Three’s a crowd” he found her annoying. He even rejected her “hug”.

‘nuf said.

I ship ponies who had the most interactions in their character, like Fluttercord, Cheesepie, Somlestia (because of comics), and Daruzotl (daring and Ahuizotl)

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Do not be offended, this is my own point of view and maybe to other Fluttercord shippers. If you have some more examples of who you ship Discord, Dislestia, Twicord, Dispie, or even some more examples of Fluttercord and why your ship is superior.

please comment below. ^_^

I do enjoy some good fanart from shippers, there are so much brony artists and I do love admiring them.