For one of my favorite pony pairings since the last season! Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer!!!

Another speedpainting for my Road Trip picture book project! This time it’s of good ol’ Twilight and Rarity. I think I’m getting a hang of the coloring style for the project now; this one only took me about 2 hours to complete. C:

Anyway, for the image: the gang’s all stopped during their trip for a lunch break at a road-stop Diner that’s popular with celebrities. Given Twilight’s fast metabolism she eats likes a lion, and Rainbow took a quick snap of her mid-chew because her expression was just too good to pass up. Rarity was caught by surprise but, as per the fashionista, she almost always turns out lookin’ like she’s ready for the picture. She claims it’s a gift. xD

Got a snippet for the image? Let me know! c:

Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy the image! ^.^

I couldn’t wait to finish this drawing! For more than one reason.

To begin with, I’ve been feeling extremely unproductive, even though I finished a good amount of YCHs, and finishing this helped a little (I still can’t stop feeling like I could do more)

I also really wanted something new, because the look of a ton of YCHs next to each other is really boring, that’s why I tried to have some commissions I had forgotten to upload in between but isn’t really enough

And third and last reason, I’m planning on opening an online shop soon, around mid November if things go according to plan, the only problem, I hate anything I’ve done that is more than a month old (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit), so I had no digital art for the shop, just a few traditional drawing I brought with me from Portugal, so now I’m trying to do quite a bit of art, so that the shop as a decent amount of prints to choose from when I open it

What do you think? I feel like I haven’t uploaded anything that has come out of my head (a.k.a. not commissions or YCHs) in ages!
I’m sorry guys, this whole “moving to another country” has been getting in the way and a cold too (I’m fine now, don’t worry, just an annoying cough)

And I’m opening commissions soon and my Halloween YCH is still open

Here, have a doodle of teenaged Twily from the Arranged Marriage!AU. She was kinda lanky and awkward in the limbs before she filled out, and her magnificent mane is only starting to form up here. I tried to make it so her stance kinda reflects how she doesn’t quite know what to do with herself, and how out of place/unwanted she felt in her father’s household. Poor baby. :C

Day #300: Days Gone By

Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer started dating during their Senior Year at Canterlot High - right around midterms. Like you’d expect, they ran into a few awkward moments in the early Days of their time together before gaining a deeper understanding between each other and what they both wanted and expected out of their relationship.

They’re both far from perfect, but took every chance they could to learn from the other and grow as individuals to continue on even stronger…

…And in the coming years, a wedding was on the way! But, while Twilight and Sunset were in the midst of rushing a bit to get some things moving along, with a month or two to prepare for a [somewhat small] wedding, they heard news that a certain pony friend of theirs was in the middle of preparing for her own!

With the help of a couple party planners, the girls visited Equestria for a very special event to celebrate the engagement of not only themselves, but of Princess Twilight and Princess Luna. [ image collab with @royalsketchbook ]

Their day full of bliss came and went in the blink of an eye, but will always be embedded in the hearts of those around them. Everything was beautiful. They received plentiful gifts and support, and had an exciting honeymoon in France. After returning home, they even adopted a cat, to keep Spike company during the hours they may not be around. Their little family was growing…

…and growing? Somehow, by an unexpected combination of love, empathy magic, and the mirror, they have a baby girl on the way. It was a rocky start, but they’re on a mission to learn all they can about parenting in the short amount of time they have to prepare.

Temporarily, they’re residing in Equestria with Moon Dancer until the baby is born. It was a very tough decision, but the side effects of portal hopping to a fetus are unknown, and Equestria is a safe place they can keep tabs if any sort of magic were to go haywire.

It’s been an incredibly long journey so far, but nothing worth fighting for has ever been an easy thing to accomplish. Seven months down, allegedly four months to go.

I figure Day 300 would be the perfect milestone to summarize the gist of what’s happened so far in SSD! I know this is something that will be beneficial to new readers, but also maybe a nice refresher for the old ones. Thanks so much for keeping up with this blog! I couldn’t have made it this far without all of you rooting for me and liking what I do. Here’s to another 100 days!