For one of my favorite pony pairings since the last season! Trixie Lulamoon and Starlight Glimmer!!!

Another speedpainting for my Road Trip picture book project! This time it’s of good ol’ Twilight and Rarity. I think I’m getting a hang of the coloring style for the project now; this one only took me about 2 hours to complete. C:

Anyway, for the image: the gang’s all stopped during their trip for a lunch break at a road-stop Diner that’s popular with celebrities. Given Twilight’s fast metabolism she eats likes a lion, and Rainbow took a quick snap of her mid-chew because her expression was just too good to pass up. Rarity was caught by surprise but, as per the fashionista, she almost always turns out lookin’ like she’s ready for the picture. She claims it’s a gift. xD

Got a snippet for the image? Let me know! c:

Other than that, I hope you guys enjoy the image! ^.^


Just a sneak peek of one of the series of prints I’m working on for Bronycon! This one just came to me last night so all of these were only just done today, but I’m honestly excited for them.

Originally the concept was “Twilight has the ability to summon her friends” and while that remains intact, I don’t know if Twilight can only summon her friends’ spirits because she’s the only one alive, or what she’s actually summoning is the power of the Elements of Harmony, but each element shapes themselves into their current bearer’s visage (aka the Mane 6). If the latter, the rest of her friends would be fine and alive, and the only time Twi ever uses this summons is because she goes where they physically can’t accompany her. (if you guys have a preference to which backstory, let me know!)

Regardless of how it happens, the basic concept remains and I thought it’d be a fun project to work on. There’s some tidbits of lore here and there in it too, so I’m excited to share that too! :3

Day #147: Hard to Horse

Throwback to SciTwi’s first time as a horse. Princess Twilight is having trouble comprehending how it was so easy for her to pick up on the basics of being a human, but it’s pretty much the opposite for her counterpart.

This one is free for anyone to color I guess if it sparked your interest, I like this sketch/concept and I unfortunately probably wouldn’t have time to for a while :( if you do color it totally link it to me! (And credit for the sketch of course)

Sorry it’s so late, hoping to make it up to you guys soon!