princess twilight sparkle

“It’s a holiday tradition! Actually, what most ponies assume to be mistletoe–order Santalaceae–is, in fact, holly–order Aquifoliales. A very common mistake to the undiscerning eye. See, mistletoe has rounded leaves with white berries, while holly has jagged leaves with red berries. It’s all VERY fascinating, I have an entire shelf of books about traditional holiday flora, if you’re inter–what? Oh, right, the tradition!”

Aj managed to find a faster way to travel through Everfree, Now granted its not the most comfortable and we are surround by Poison joke. but I trust her.

your faithful duo Twijack 

P.s sorry for not updating ya all eariler we got caught in some nasty vines and could not get out. 


Just something I did last night spontaneously. I was basically doing a random gesture when I had the idea of making the Mane 6 basically cosplay as some Overwatch characters, then… uh. This happened. o3o I absolutely LOVE this game; it’s ridiculously fun (especially when playing with buds) and I love the lore and the animated cinematic shorts they have and the CHARACTERS! THE CHARACTERS ODgjdsijdiuhdbfhdsbnus!

Personally my favorite (and the character I play the most) is Zarya. She’s bae all day, dude, I simply can’t. ;_;

Uh, anyway. Can you guys guess who’s playing which Overwatch character? 8D

As for the drawings themselves, as slightly-more refined gestures, I focused more on the movement and overall liveliness of the drawing and not so much the anatomy. Rarity’s probably the cleanest of the gestures here, but I’m not surprised about that. XD These are pretty quick and easy to knock out; about 10-15 minutes each. I might do some more with different MLP characters…. what do you guys think? O:

Anyhow, I hope you guys like them! ^.^