princess twila


I still can’t believe I’ve gotten this far, I still can’t thank each and every on of you guys enough!

I do apologize that I was only able to feature a few of you guys in this post, but I want to make sure to dedicate my time to making sure you guys have awesome updates for you guys to enjoy.

I am  working on a second batch of these, Because there are still many other’s that I want to thank personally for helping me through many difficult times and to get to this point! ^_^

And the lovelies featured here are:

top row:

CampisiBillie the Kid; BubblePop

Bottom Row:

Gamer Pony; Inkie Heart; Princess Twila

I love all of you guys! Thank you so Much!

Partway Mist: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to chop your leg off. I just wanted to pass a blade through it.”

Twila: “Ooh, I can still move it?”

Partway Mist: “Wait, are you fascinated by this? You’re not disturbed at all?”

Twila: “No, not really. My mother’s done much stranger things with her magic.”

((Twila… I can’t say much about you as a person - though from what I’ve seen you seem to be very considerate and friendly - but I love your take on the Princess Twila character. Taking a simple doll and turning it into a character I’m fascinated in is quite a challenge, and I congratulate you for doing so well.

Though the Disembodied Princess illusion is something more appropriate for Twila, I wouldn’t want to do something quite that grand on a filly. Something like a Leg Chopper, since it would normally leave the leg attached, would be much more appropriate. Unfortunately, not all illusions end up going as planned…))