princess tutu edit

The Signs as things Fakir did over the course of Princess Tutu
  • Aries: Locked his roommate in the basement to keep him from going to a dance
  • Taurus: Consulted a rock for writing advice
  • Gemini: Turned into a tree
  • Cancer: Sometimes rode a horse
  • Leo: Threw a naked girl's clothes at her and knocked her into a pool of water
  • Virgo: Adopted a puppet
  • Libra: Jumped through a window when there was a perfectly working door
  • Scorpio: Used his own blood to restore a sword while speaking German
  • Sagittarius: Got suspended for allegedly pushing his roommate out the window
  • Capricorn: Fell to the ground in mortification when he realized someone saw him crying
  • Aquarius: Stabbed himself in the hand
  • Pisces: Attempted to murder two different ballerinas

There’s a drumming song inside my head, it starts when you’re around.

A half finished AMV that was for a friend that I got stuck in and would still love to finish…but no promises and my laptop is getting fixed so…. wanted to get this thing up into the world! Dramatic Tutu edits are FUN.