princess tutu dress

so @ampharos98 showed me that awesome dress that started all the Ballgown AU thing (btw, she upgraded the original design beautifully, making it stand out much much more, both with the model and the coloring)
and looking at it i sort of came up with my own design for Tutu`s gown (i made white it`s main color cuz i really liked @trixystix`s idea of the court having a this-season-trend and Ahiru wearing different colors, unconsciously making herself even more noticeable and unique. So Tutu as more proper would probably pay more attention to her clothing choices and wear “the colors of the summer” I also wanted it to be reminiscent with Ahiru’s dress, too (two sisters wearing similar dresses ^_^) ) 


I absolutely adored the designs that @lemolunes made for Ahiru in @trixystix‘s fic and I just needed to draw them and also read that fic whoops

also today’s challenge was off-hand drawing and it seemed fun so sure have a squiggly version of the drawing as well ✌️