princess tutu

Attention people who cosplay Pearl! (Or other ballet cosplays)

Please do NOT buy pointe shoes and use them for her cosplay unless you are a trained ballerina and have been given the okay by an instructor. It’s VERY dangerous. Without proper strength in your ankles you won’t be able to hold yourself up, you’ll likely end up snapping your ankles or causing permanent damage to your shins and/or knees. It will be incredibly painful as well, your toes will bleed and your ankles will be bruised by the end of the time. Medical risks aside, it is highly disrespectful to the community. We spend 3 years of training to get our pointe shoes, often longer if we aren’t strong enough by then. To be en pointe is a status sign that you’re a high level ballerina, so unless you are, don’t wear them.
However! You can buy split sole slippers and single sole slippers instead! They look very similar, won’t damage your feet and take no strength training to wear.
Here’s a discounted dance store for them (X) I recommend the Bloch leather flats with crossed elastics. They’re very comfortable and they have a fancier feel to them than canvas or single strap elastics. The canvas will hold up longer though. Also note the sizing is different than standard shoe sizing. A U.S. size 6 is equal to a 3.5. The shoes also take into account your width, measured A-D. To find your size click here! (X)
Happy safe cosplaying!