princess tutu

A commission I did for Julia at Anime Boston…yeah it took a while because I ended up watching the entire series first ((´∀`;))

In my headcanon, Fakir comes up with a way to turn Ahiru into a girl again using his special writer powers, so she doesn’t have to use the pendant. At least that was the thought process behind this drawing, haha. Thank you so much for commissioning me and for introducing me to such a beautiful and emotional and perfect series (♡◡♡)

and now for something completely different

last night i was thinking like….princess tutu……isn’t it neat that the the blade of mytho’s sword turns into two swans made of light when it’s shattered & i think the swans come back to reform his sword when he summons it again at the end there, spoilers in this post i suppose but who cares. here’s a read more to save everyone from yet another long text post on their tl

also here’s a screencap i have sitting around. swan magic….everyone has swan feathers in their design……..,hm

and also at the end you have the apparent reapparance of tutu as a giant swan made out of light? as that’s apparently what she looks like to other people outside the “story” of her manifestations? i forget. didnt people say it looked like a giant swan when everyone was bystanding mytho going out the window that second time. augh its difficult to speculate abt things when lil details of the Lore are so like blink and you miss it sometimes! sigh!

anyways what it all got me wondering is what we can figure out about Original Tutu (aka the being from the story who vanished into light) vs Ahiru Tutu (aka the one who’s actually a girl who’s actually a duck who was given the power to transform using a piece of the prince’s heart for the purpose of advancing the story by returning the prince’s heart to him, & intended to have to disappear whether by failing or succeeding really) vs mytho

like does OT even look anything like AT? i suppose so because mytho seemingly recognizes her even without his memories. But Also if he had some of the pieces of his heart back when he began to consider her familiar, it could just be that he thus had incomplete memories. or it could just be that prior to having Any emotions at all, he wouldn’t have any reason to be at all interested in the fact that he does recognize her. or maybe he could recognize her even without a heart, because it’s too inherent to him, like how he retains the instinct to protect the weak to a self-destructive point? i don’t remember when exactly he starts to express that she seems familiar to him vs just asking who she is.

its a confusing too coz its like does AT look more like ahiru or is ahiru’s human form just a slight alteration of the OT look? coz ahiru’s real appearance is just a duck so her human form could be made to look like anybody. and i suppose like “nonmagical form of the original tutu who could blend in with the people around the prince and also i guess ahiru is a juvenile duck if she’s yellow” could all be true. but also apparently i guess OT could also be a swan made out of light sometimes, or at least appear that way to others. plus is that OT appearing in the last episode due to uhhh maybe being able to be summoned by someone Using The Power Of Dance well enough or is that just residual tutu energy or what…….ambiguous i guess. i forget how that shit was narrated.

speaking of the ambiguity of that appearance, i’m always wondering abt where the essence of OT currently is? what her powers are? how she is linked to the prince’s magic or not? coz ok mytho has his own swan motif too. is it just a general “good guys get the swan visuals” thing? or is it maybe like specifically his link to OT? b/c i am also remembering that apparently mytho has a lifelong interest in OT, including when he loses his heart? right? im talking myself around to remembering what i just said i couldnt remember. doesnt fakir or someone say something abt mytho only expressing interest in tutu when hearing his own story. maybe when he was grown he was like “i’m going to have a swan theme ok”

but he still has his magic swan sword with a magic blade made out of swans of light. i don’t know how you obtain something like that. was there any material in the story that told how often he did or didnt interact w tutu before she disappeared? didnt it just say that tutu like only has that one mention in the story, that of when she disappears? and yet……..isnt tutu mentioned to Young Mytho even outside of the scope of the story, in one of the “once upon a time there was” intros? i’m bad at this coz of how many little details i dont have sorted out…but i’m just wondering where he gets his magic swan sword from. if it is at all related to tutu or just another example of his own swan thing

coz im also thinking…i mean mytho DOES have a heart that is like his own magic essence item that is also like, a jewel. that’s kind of magical. do all the people in his story have that trait? is he not possibly slightly magic himself. he is, after all, inherently imbued with the same Protective Love To The Point Of Self Destruction quality as tutu mustve been to have apparently sacrificed herself for him to save him from the raven that one time. even though she did just vanish into a point of light, so the original tutu may not have been completely destroyed or whatever. or maybe that similarity is just why a magical being was so invested in this prince in the first place. even though the fact that he’s a good prince and she’s a good princess and it’s a fairy tale is justification enough

also why is it that ahiru’s ability to transform into tutu depends on her having the piece of mytho’s heart? we never really get the chance to figure out whether other pieces linked w other emotions wouldve given her the same ability, but it makes sense that it’s specifically the Hope shard that could turn her into tutu, since the OT appeared / declared her love / sacrificed herself to give the prince hope even though that’s kind of a bummer too but oh well. anyways it all kind of suggests that OT’s essence exists specifically within the physical manifestation of the prince’s capacity for hope. or maybe it’s just his concept of tutu being held mostly in the hope shard. but if its radiating certain abilities, it seems like it has to have some of her actual power to be able to give that. yanno according the laws of magic. also its like it even radiates the hope that the piece holds, as after the piece is returned to him, doesnt mytho say he recognizes the feeling as being what he most associates w tutu, despite how he shouldve been incapable of feeling hope w/o the Official Return of that piece? hm

anyways even after saying all of whatever shit i’ve been saying, mostly what i Ponder is what are OT’s powers vs what are mytho’s?? coz when mytho’s heart is restored he still has the same magic pink flower summoning ability as AT has been shown to have. so does he have that ability because maybe it’s another thing he gets from OT, like maybe possibly his sword, or did AT have that ability because she was using a piece of mytho’s heart & has some combo of OT’s magic as well as mytho’s? or is it that some of original tutu is actually retained in the Hope piece of mytho’s heart & it imbues him w some of her powers? or maybe they both read the same How To Do Magic book

imo the question of “does part or all of OT actually reside in that heart shard or not” is also relevant to how it’s never exactly clear that ahiru voluntarily summons the form of tutu, it just sort of happens when she needs to protect the prince? is it 100% drosselmeyer being like ok now would be a good time for tutu? is it the fact that the heart shard contains OT & thus also her desire to protect the prince? or is it still just ahiru’s own desire to save mytho since like that was the reason some random duck was given the role of tutu in the first place

still confused abt who caused the last appearance of tutu as a swan of light in the last ep…if it was ahiru still having some tutu energy that outlasted her proximity to the heart shard…if it was OT kinda being summoned….if it was the magic writing shit again……

well anyways the point is that there seems to be a kind of fusion of a piece of mytho’s heart w the essence of the original tutu and thus its a little blurry what’s mytho magic & what’s tutu magic. not exactly an urgent question but i’m always interested in the Lore of the characters as they are in The Story of the prince and the raven. That’s All


Wow, here’s something that certainly didn’t took forever x_X

This is my submission for the fanart contest for the SagGeek event. Once it’ll be done editing I’ll update/reblog this post with a link to the speed draw video I made as well

EDIT: Speed draw video HERE


Hello~!!! I’d like to post some doodles of my old Princess Tutu AU I’ve been mulling over.

Please watch the classic anime Princess Tutu if you haven’t it will be a treat!!

Details below!!

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