princess tara markov


Teen Titans Go sickens me and I know a lot of people who wish there would have been a continuation to Teen Titans which had real stories with morals that drove you to tears. The Terra arc brings me to tears because here appears this unstable teenage girl with an amazing gift that she cannot yet control. She is so unstable that Slade eventually tricks her to become evil. Terra was never truly evil though like Teen Titans Go portrays her to be and it is insulting. The Titans loved her, especially Beast Boy. They were in love with each other. And in the end she still chose the Teen Titans and to be good. To the point that when Beast Boy finally found her after thinking she died, she would not return to the Teen Titans because she was so ashamed and wanted to move on with her life as a normal school girl. Please do not forget who Terra truly was.

A Teen Titan.

“…she was confused and insecure, only wishing to be a heroine and a friend of the Teen Titans. However, she was led astray by Slade, who tempted her by promising her that he could teach her to control her powers, in return for her unwavering loyalty and devoted apprenticeship.”

I wish that with the number of times the Teen Titans saved Starfire in the galaxy they could have tried harder to get Terra back.

My name is Terra and I have done horrible things. I have sworn to serve a dark master. I have obeyed his every command and committed crimes in his name. I have betrayed and attacked everyone who used to be my friend. One-by-one I have destroyed the Teen Titans. And with no one left to stop me I have brought an entire city to its knees. My name is Terra. I have done horrible things… and I have absolutely no regrets.

When I first watched Teen Titans, I was absolutely in love with Terra. I could never figure out why… But when she was gone, I was always really sad. When she turned into stone, I cried. I always felt like I could relate to her…

Kind of a progression. When the Titans first met her, when she returned as a Titan… And when she joined Slade.