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It’s Toy Time Tuesday!
With…Sunstar Princess Gwenevere Jewel Riders Flying Unicorn!
Now HERE is a cool toy. This is one of the more elaborate & interesting toys for TTT. Gwenevere & the Jewel Riders was a show from the 90s and of course, she needed a magical animal friend. In this case, it’s Sunstar who is super beautiful in toy format. But, do you recognize the pose?
Yes, this IS a Fashion Star Filly Sassy Sixteens horse mold. They altered & re purposed it for this toy. Raised solid ‘jewels’ have been added to create a symbol, & a carved necklace has been added, as well as the unicorn horn.The plastic is all transparent yellow. The white parts are sprayed-on pearlized white paint. 
The saddle holds the wings (it is remove-able) which are clear hard plastic sprayed with pink & dusted with iridescent glitter. The wings are pose-able too, there are several ‘elevations’ that can be achieved via their metal hinges & tabs.
The mystery of the dot!
Look on her head. Why is there a clear dot behind her horn? It is to make the magic jewel appear to ‘glow’ or be brighter than a normal plastic piece. Since most house lighting is from above, light goes in that dot on the head, is channeled down through the neck to the chest, making the gem brighter. (You can test this by putting a finger over it & observing the jewel) They really went all out with this figure!
The only minor downside is no comb-able mane & the eyes are just sort of abstract shapes which drains the personality. The unicorn IS a character in the show who speaks, so it’s sort of sad. (Well, that and that the Zebracorn never got made, Moondance is also gorgeous & will appear as a TTT) This is a very  uncommon fantasy collectible, with accessories.



(PGJR, also known outside of North America asStarla & the Jewel Riders, and sometimes misspelled as “Princess Guinevere”) is a 1995 American comic fantasy-themed animated children’s television series produced by Bohbot Productions in association with Hong Ying Animation. It was internationally syndicated by Bohbot Entertainment in the version where the title character renamed to Starla. The series was primarily aimed for girls and had two seasons of thirteen episodes each in 1995–1996

The plot follows the quest of a young princess of Avalon, Gwenevere (Starla), and her friends, Fallon and Tamara, to find and secure the scattered enchanted jewels to stop the evil Lady Kale from taking over the kingdom, restore harmony in magic, and bring the banished Merlin home. In the second season, the Jewel Riders receive more powers and new costumes to battle the returning Kale and the mighty Morgana for more magical jewels that also need to be kept out the grasp of dark forces.

Why was it forgotten?: IT’S MARKETING KIND OF RUINED IT.

I probably should have saved this one for the GOOD FORGOTTEN CARTOON segment since it seriously deserves it but I wanted to talk about this while it was still fresh in my memory. This cartoon has the unfortunate misfortune that many cartoons aimed at girls did and still do have in that the people making them can’t figure out how to market to girls. Maybe I’m just a curmudgeon in saying that but man, just looking at the opening theme– it feels kind of patronizing in how girly it is, and it feels like they’re almost trying to be Disney-like, in a bad way.

That sucks so much because this is a positively solid sword & sorcery fantasy-adventure series. Unless I’m mistaken, this comes from some of the same creative team and the same production company as King Arthur & The Knights of Justice so it had quite a lot going for it. Despite the marketing and the overall look of the show, it had just about all of the good points that King Arthur had. It had a great cast of heroes and villains, had an ongoing plot with evolution of the setting and story as it went on, and character development!

Not only did we get all of that but it had some fairly intense action, some dangerous villains, and an interesting world with lots of different creatures. I say with full confidence that this show did the girl centered sword & sorcery story better than She-Ra by a mile, and the animation was leagues better to.

I can’t really say if this cartoon was completely forgotten or didn’t do well, it probably enjoyed some hint of success since it was broadcast internationally, had loads of toys, and lots of other goodies available. There’s also the fact that this cartoon has been sited as the inspiration for the Young Adult novel series, Avalon: Web of Magic.  


  •  a third  season was reportedly planned in fall 1998 season, but it was then apparently cancelled.
  • The series was initially planned as an adaptation of Dragonriders of Pern,
  • The Hasbro/Kenner toy line had two series of action figures for girls ages 4 and up. The first series contains Princess Gwenevere (Starla), Sun Power Gwenevere, Tamara, Fallon, Drake, Lady Kale, Sunstar, and Moondance; and the second series contains Deluxe Princess Gwenevere (Starla), Deluxe Tamara, and Deluxe Fallon. According to Time to Play, the action figures’ sales “bombed”
  • Other merchandise included a series of collectible trading cards released by the Upper Deck Company in 1996, a “play-a-sound” children’s illustrated sound book by Nancy L. McGill based on the first two episodes and published by Publications International that same year, Panini Group collectible stickers, a makeup kit, Happy Meal and Long John Silver’spremium toys, lunchboxes, clothing items, and such.


All I can say is, if you haven’t seen this cartoon give it a chance; it’s so much greater than the sum of its parts, and it’s great fun! Definitely worth checking out, especially if you have a young girl to watch it with who would appreciate it most

Super Saturday - Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

The Crown Jewels of Avalon have been scattered throughout the kingdom, unleashing powerful magic that Princess Gwenevere, Fallon, and Tamara must tame. Using the magic of the Enchanted Jewels to speak with fantastic animal friends, these adventurous teens team up with daring, wolf-riding boys to outwit the outlaw Lady Kale and reclaim the Jewels that can save the enchanted kingdom of Avalon.

Debuting September 10th, 1995, Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders (known as Starla & The Jewel Riders internationally) is a twenty-six episode animated series and doll line created by Robert Mandell, New Frontier Entertainment, and Kenner. Girls and boys all around the world thrilled to the magic, music, and adventure of Gwen, Tamara, Fallon, Drake, Josh, and Max as they discovered the secrets of the Sun Stone, Moon Stone, Heart Stone, and Forest Stones, and worked together to bring their mentor Merlin home and defeat the dark magic of the evil Lady Kale and the dark wizard Morgana.

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“Friends Together, Friends Forever!”


Now, from your mod….

Why you think fellow Jem fans will enjoy this: Pastel clad magical girls ride unicorns and try to save magic. They have also been known to save their wolf-riding love interests on more than one occasion.

If you aren’t on bored with the Fantasy genre, you aren’t going to like this. It is good look at Western styled magical girls. Interesting fact the English Dub of Sailor Moon would air in North America the same year for the first time. 

Its worth noting that as severally 80s as Jem is, Jewel Riders is as 90s (admittedly in the fantasy setting, but you’ll still see it). 

The fandom is small, and pretty chill. Like the Jem fandom it has been around the whole time, only with less creators involvement. (As far as I can tell!)

Where and how to find it:  Youtube. You can still find VHS around, if you still have VCR. There has been DVDs from a few years ago, but good luck on that one.

Where to start things off best: You don;t need the set up, but is helps. Start at episode one of this one. 

The highlights? The season openers and closers. I highly recommend using the episode guide at the site above if you want to cheery pick during your watch. You’ll follow the plot best by watching the episodes written by Robert Mandell, Christopher Rowley, and Robin Young (who wrote a lot of the show).

Do you like the show? Are you a huge fan who thinks this hasn’t been done justice here? Write your own take and share the love!