princess shera


She-Ra Princess of Power SDCC exclusive doll by Mattel.

I love her so much, her box is HUGE!!! She is so detailed and the art of the box is gorgeous. Pictures don’t do any justice! I love love lover her! I won’t open her but I plan to get another to debox cuz she is the best

Yay She-Ra has finally been revealed! More pics to come soon that will showcase all she comes with!! (Hint it’s the three outfits that teasers were posted of!)

She is an entirely new sculpt, body and face and it has been such an amazing opportunity to work on one of my favorite toys as a kid and become part of MOTU and POP history!

Revealed on USA today!

She has the Power!!! First image of the SDCC 11" She-Ra Princess of Power figure!! Check out for more awesome first looks!


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