princess shelf


There is a book shelf in my room with books, games and toys which is where this idea started. I thought it would be fun to make a Ghibli themed illustration.

I’ve always wanted to do something involving Miyazaki’s work but I always seemed to find myself hitting a block and putting it aside. I wanted to finish something so this is the result.


tambelon replied to your post “I am like an octopus. Corner me and I disappear in a cloud of fan…”



Joking aside, FINALLY finished this thing. This is sooo much far bigger in scope than anything I’ve done in like… ages. Doesn’t help that I started by drawing ALL the octopus arms. Including suckers. WHY DID I EVEN DO THAT?

In the image:

Mirror Image (duh!) - pegasus-turned-octopony-thing - yours truly
Starfish - diamond dog - @mylittlechangeling
Shai Ni - unicorn - @shinyshaini
Princess Shelf - best princess - @ask-king-sombra
Dolly - donkey filly - @ask-dolly
Pitch Patch - earth pony - askpitchpatch - GRIMDARK!
Lilyfeather - earth pony - @askneonflight
Gargle - earth pony colt - @askgargle
Calliope - mermare - @technomod/@asktechnowizard
Stormchaser - pegasus - @stormchaser-answers
Dream Baker - unicorn - @askdreambaker
Opalescent Pearl - sparkle crystal pony - @askopalescentpearl

Progress images:

Ink and tentacles (WIP 1)
First three ponies (WIP 2, 3)
Few more ponies, placeholders (WIP 4) 
Almost done inking (WIP 5)
Coloring progress (WIP 6, 7, 8)

(Included transparents/whatever of the layer groups that get obscured by other layers/look slightly weird because of the dark background)


SCREEEEEEEECH my internet finally came back so I can POST THIS AHH

I got some fanmail today! COMPLETELY SURPRISING FANMAIL.

squigglejot made me a WIGGLESSS! A WIGGLESSSSSSSSSSS. Inside their own little box with their own little hand-drawn Wiggles luchador mask and a little PURSE and GLITTERY FABULOUS WINGS

…And then somehow Sombra, Coffee Talk and Princess Shelf all managed to sneak their way into the insert that came with the toy. >3

AND cute little cut-outs to stick on my desktop so it looks like they’re peeking out! Freckles, Coffee Talk, Sea Breeze and Sombra. And a Drizzle who somehow got cut out of the picture, whoops. AND THEY’RE GOSH DARN ADORABLE

BUT I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS AT ALL. I thought they were just sending a letter or some fanart or something. Reminds me of the time askrustynail sent me a bottle of Wiggles-themed honey vodka with little warning as to what I should be expecting. XDDD

THANK YOU SO MUCH, SQUIGGLE. AHHHHH IT’S ALL ADORABLE. And I loved the little Tumblr-ask-note you put on top! That was such a cute touch. THANK YOOOUUUUUUU


What are you talking about, Coffee Talk? You mean those memories you saw almost literally two years ago?!

Or the backstory-story Sombra did literally one year ago?!


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So I got the box set of Prima guides for The Legend of Zelda some time ago

It even came with a lettersigned by Aonuma 

But I looked in the Twilight Princess one and saw the bio for Midna





These are all the gifts I received from people over the weekend! Save for one large print from TJ / Pirate Dash, which is either in my car or at my parent’s house, WHOOPS. Also some delicious cinnamon tea from thebronyinmycloset! AAAND some honey vodka from askrustynail which is sitting in my fridge, haha. I had some last night and UNFFF IT WAS DELICIOUS. And an Applejack badge from bingk!

I’m missing some usernames of gift-givers so if you recognize a thing you gave me, please speak up so I can properly thank / credit you!

1. A KING SOMBRA CAKE POP. It was a little melty because I didn’t think to stick it in the fridge but LOOK AT IT, IT’S GLORIOUS. From serenthepony!

2. A Sombra canvas painting, two mini-paintings, and a sleeping Wiggles figurine (also from serenthepony) and a Princess Shelf mint case filled with a teeny-tiny herd of AKS characters from askthehenchponies!

3. Wiggles and Llamamod from doodleanswers, a fabulous famous Sombra from hazard-wolf, a Wiggles from brookethepony, another from amodwithoutamark and a post-it pika from Pikapetey!

4. A Wiggles badge (also from doodleanswers), another Wiggles badge from southparktaoist, ANOTHER Wiggles badge from technomod (commissioned by shinymod I think?) and three mini-prints from piratedashmod!

5 & 6. ALL THE DRAWINGS from tambelon! so much SHIPPING

7. A print from dileak!

8. A print from katottersart!

9. A whole print set from askninjatwilight!

10. A Gilda button and TSSF / Enterplay / Horsefamous cards from bonusjosh, a teeny Twilight magnet from asksweetdisaster, a screaming Sketchy from katottersart, a Sombra from alskylark, a Sombra from asksweetcream, a Troubleshoes sticker and AJ bookmark from dennybutt and then the mascot pins from Bronycon! …And I also bought myself a Blank Canvas plush hurr hurr

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AHHHH <333 It was great meeting you all and to those who might have missed meeting me because I was too busy mascot-ing… THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR <3