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tambelon replied to your post “I am like an octopus. Corner me and I disappear in a cloud of fan…”



Joking aside, FINALLY finished this thing. This is sooo much far bigger in scope than anything I’ve done in like… ages. Doesn’t help that I started by drawing ALL the octopus arms. Including suckers. WHY DID I EVEN DO THAT?

In the image:

Mirror Image (duh!) - pegasus-turned-octopony-thing - yours truly
Starfish - diamond dog - @mylittlechangeling
Shai Ni - unicorn - @shinyshaini
Princess Shelf - best princess - @ask-king-sombra
Dolly - donkey filly - @ask-dolly
Pitch Patch - earth pony - askpitchpatch - GRIMDARK!
Lilyfeather - earth pony - @askneonflight
Gargle - earth pony colt - @askgargle
Calliope - mermare - @technomod/@asktechnowizard
Stormchaser - pegasus - @stormchaser-answers
Dream Baker - unicorn - @askdreambaker
Opalescent Pearl - sparkle crystal pony - @askopalescentpearl

Progress images:

Ink and tentacles (WIP 1)
First three ponies (WIP 2, 3)
Few more ponies, placeholders (WIP 4) 
Almost done inking (WIP 5)
Coloring progress (WIP 6, 7, 8)

(Included transparents/whatever of the layer groups that get obscured by other layers/look slightly weird because of the dark background)


SCREEEEEEEECH my internet finally came back so I can POST THIS AHH

I got some fanmail today! COMPLETELY SURPRISING FANMAIL.

squigglejot made me a WIGGLESSS! A WIGGLESSSSSSSSSSS. Inside their own little box with their own little hand-drawn Wiggles luchador mask and a little PURSE and GLITTERY FABULOUS WINGS

…And then somehow Sombra, Coffee Talk and Princess Shelf all managed to sneak their way into the insert that came with the toy. >3

AND cute little cut-outs to stick on my desktop so it looks like they’re peeking out! Freckles, Coffee Talk, Sea Breeze and Sombra. And a Drizzle who somehow got cut out of the picture, whoops. AND THEY’RE GOSH DARN ADORABLE

BUT I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS AT ALL. I thought they were just sending a letter or some fanart or something. Reminds me of the time askrustynail sent me a bottle of Wiggles-themed honey vodka with little warning as to what I should be expecting. XDDD

THANK YOU SO MUCH, SQUIGGLE. AHHHHH IT’S ALL ADORABLE. And I loved the little Tumblr-ask-note you put on top! That was such a cute touch. THANK YOOOUUUUUUU


What are you talking about, Coffee Talk? You mean those memories you saw almost literally two years ago?!

Or the backstory-story Sombra did literally one year ago?!


((Following the story navigation? Go straight to the next chapter!))

Keep your pinkies at 90 degrees; more tea, please!

Just drawing some tea-drinking princesses (tho I have no idea what exactly would make Princess Shelf “wayward”; she seems pretty benign to me). Don’t mind me. Want to add some more before I lay them out in a proper room and give them tables and whatnot. Ariel is left-handed because I traced over Pocahontas’s chair and I’ll flip her later.

Probably be adding Princess Fiona, Merida, Rapunzel, Flying Princess Pony Head, and… IDK. Any other princesses that should get tea lessons at St Olga’s?

Behold, behold, Princess Shelf Desktop Pony!


Shelf, now a pretty princess pony, can be downloaded here!
She comes with basic walk, fly, and stand animations, with a special bonus! She also has personalized speech, giving her a questionable, un-canon personality (kinda).

Her cutie mark looks something like this, but more fancy and detailed and stuff, but I was lazy with this-v

Happy Thanksgiving from the friends & family, old and new! :3

Or really, Happy Black Friday! GO BUY ALL THE THINGS

Happy Friday! As you’re reading this, I’m roaming the halls of Bronycon… or I’ve decided to just live in the Five Guys burger place nearby.

Thought you guys would like to see the Ask King Sombra print I have for sale this weekend! Get in in physical shiny unwatermarked glory at my booth, Arts & Farts (#904)!

Poor Freckles was too big to cram inside her majesty, so I reduced him to adorable plush size.