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februpony day 4: friendship lesson

“How can I forgive myself?
I am no better now than I was then,
my creation is about to turn the world into a living nightmare!”

“But look at what your doing!
Nightmare Moon would have wanted the Tantabus to turn Equestria into a nightmare..You’re doing everything you can to stop it!
Don’t you see? That proves you’re not the same pony you were then.
Every pony who knows you, knows that Nightmare Moon is in the past.
We all trust you Luna.
Do you trust us enough to believe we’re right?”

“I do.”

A/N: I’m so sorry this took ages! It’s so hard to find fitting gifs for History, it makes me so sad… ~ Silver


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Kyungil is going to think you’re absolutely adorable with your sudden talkativeness. He’s probably going to try to see how many things he can get you to talk about that you normally wouldn’t be so conversational over. He’ll also be sure to take note or record most of the conversations in case you don’t remember them tomorrow.


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Dokyun is probably going to be a little shocked when you suddenly start talking a mile a minute after a few shots of tequila. It’ll take him a second to come to terms with your sudden talkativeness and that fact that no, you aren’t a body snatcher, you’re just drunk. But once he’s used to it, he’s going to prompt all kinds of subjects and maybe film a little bit of it to show you after your hangover the next day.


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Sihyoung’s going to be so amused that his usually quiet girlfriend has suddenly become Chatty Cathy. He would spend the whole time fully amused and laughing at you. The next day he would ask you if you remembered becoming so talkative and would constantly be repeating things that you had said back to you.


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Jaeho’s going to instigate so much. He’s going to get your chattiness started by prompting a subject that you have a huge opinion on and just go from there. He’ll get you to discuss everything from music to unicorns to aliens and everything in between.


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Yijeong’s going to find this both surprising and amusing. He had no idea that a few whiskey neats was all it took to get you to become a blabbermouth. He didn’t know whether to be surprised and roll with it or laugh and shut you up when you started telling him about how when you were little you wanted to be a space princess and run a sheep farm on Mars. He’d be sorely tempted to wait and see what you say next.

Which Danny Phantom character do you walk in on changing?

Rat: Penelope Spectra

Ox: Jazz Fenton

Tiger: Valerie Gray

Rabbit: Star

Dragon: Ember McLain

Snake: Kitty

Horse: Paulina Sanchez

Sheep: Princess Dora

Monkey: Vlad Masters

Rooster: Maddie Fenton

Dog: Sam Manson

Pig: Dash Baxter

I literally have nothing better to do so take this. For that one anon who wanted those battlesprites ((I didn’t know if you wanted the other ones or these so I’m making them both)) Just be sure to Credit Deep Sea Prisoner when used!!!

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60 truths tag

Thanks for tagging me @mimibtsghost 💗💗

1. Nickname(s): Squirrel, Frankie, Lucifer, Sheep, Fairy, Princess
2. Bias: Jeon Cena 💪
3. Blood type: I’m actually not sure about that one, but I believe it’s A??
4. Relationship status: :)))) ((((: I guess i’m not so single now :)))))
5. Birthday: 11 august ✨
6. Zodiac sign: ♌︎
7. Pronouns: She/her
8. Hair length: We’re gonna call it medium

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