princess samus


I finished my Nintendo alternative pinup designs and I’m pretty happy with them! Can’t wait to see the prints for Fan Expo next weekend… I’ll add them to my store after the con is over/ if I have unsold stuff that will also be up for grabs!


I just found the creator of Princess Mira inspired by Samus Aran from Matroid.

Just look at it!

I can’t believe how I have never noticed the similarities in past 13 years.
Let’s see;

⚫ Super badass female: Check

⚫ The armor: Check

⚫ Occupation as an intergalactic bounty hunter: CHECK

God dammit now I love Mira even more!

After this, I had to draw Mira with Samus’s armor

スマブラ by LiarHatter on pixiv

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