princess rosalind

From the Beginning

This is a head canon I have had for about two years now.  I finally just had to get it out there, I hope you guys like it. Thanks to @xhookswenchx for beta and story counseling! I did go back and obsess a little more after final beta read through, so all mistakes are mine. This story will be about 5 or 6 chapters, my intent is to update each Sunday. This first installment is the prologue and chapter. Feel free to leave any constructive critiques, or comments!!! Also on ao3 and ffnet


Twin cries could be heard in the castle that day, though they were not twins at all.  One wail came from the Queen’s chambers, while the other floated from a lower chamber altogether, amongst the servant’s quarters. Yes, the queen and her own nursemaid, (and best friend)  had birthed their children on the same day.   The friends were cut from two different cloths, their children born of such different circumstance. 

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