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The Prince and the Guide

Recommended by: Falcity, Co-Owner of Ereriposts 

Title: The Prince and the Guide

By: ThatEreriGirl

Genre: Fluff, angst, forbidden love, humor, slight smut

Warnings: Author chose not to use any Archive Warnings 

Summary: Prince Levi of Kingdom Maria and and Princess Petra Ral of Kingdom Rose were arranged to get married, due to Levi’s parents. Levi refused, as he did not want to get forced to marry a girl he didn’t even love, but unfortunately, knows that he must or the two kingdoms could go to war.

But what happens when Levi meets a young boy at the gathering in which he is to meet Petra? In the midst of the mayhem of dealing with his parents and trying to get somewhat closer Petra, he finds himself falling further and further in love with the young boy, who is named Eren. But not only was the love forbidden, for Levi was a prince and Eren a commoner, but the wedding with Petra was something that would absolutely not be avoided.

Review: This fanfic was great. At first I was a bit reluctant because forbidden love and arranged marriages are quite cliche, so the originality of this could only go so far. Or so I thought. I gave it a try and found myself unable to stop, and I really do recommend you all read it. It’s quite adorable. And funny. 

Yay. First fanfic rec on this account :3 You guys are all welcomed to submit your own recs ^^ 


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Conversation with my six year-old

Petra: who is your favorite Disney princess?

Me: well, I like Belle and Tiana and Princess Leia…

Petra: wait, did you know Princess Leia had a sister?

Me: no, she has a twin brother, Luke.

Petra: *thinking for a moment* …with the two buns?

Dear reader, I cannot draw. Please, anyone, make Luke with the buns happen because I can’t stop laughing thinking about it.