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Just a shout out to some of those amazing ladies who aren’t afraid to be powerful, strong and unique. They are all very different, yet all equally perfect.

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anonymous asked:

Rivetra/Levetra :3

  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter: hunter petra and werewolf levi :B
  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman: mermaid petra and fisherman levi :0
  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar: witch petra and familiar levi
  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict: barista levi and coffee addict petra (imagine her being all hype hahaha)
  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA: teacher levi and TA would be cute the other way round too though..
  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss): knight levi and princess petra…or viceversa lol
  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent: teacher petra! single parent levi
  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor: writer levi and editor petra


hiddlesthug  asked:

Hello! Could you please write something in which Mikasa and Armin join forces with Petra and Erwin to make Levi Eren and go out on a date? Thanks 💕

Petra had expected to the commander to try and stop her, not recruit more members for her cause, not only that but the helpers were an… odd choice. Armin, she could understand, he was smart and cared about Eren, so he was obviously a first pick - she also saw that Erwin seemed to favor him - But Mikasa… Didn`t she loathe Levi? Certainly she would flip if they were to get together, right?

“He makes Eren happy, I don`t know why, but he does.” The girl replied simply, Petra decided not to push because she didn`t look thrilled about her discovery.

“So, what`s the plan?” Armin asked, Petra felt some what embarrassed that the plan wasn`t exactly, formed yet.


Armin`s face fell into one of a mix of `done with your shit` and `are you kidding me?` and his budding Erwin eyebrows made it it hit that much harder.

“Well, it`s obvious we can`t just tell them we`re setting them up.” Erwin thought aloud.

“You`re right, we`ll need to trick them into it, Petra could get Levi to follow her and Mikasa could get Eren.” Armin added,

“Yes, and we could set up something romantic for them and have them alone!” Erwin finished, Mikasa looked between them quickly, and sighed.

“Not another one.” She mumbled.

“Did you say something Mikasa?” Petra asked.

“No, let`s get started already.”

- ℰ + ℒ -

“Petra, where`s this mold farm you`re talking about? I can`t see it.” Levi complained as Petra led him by the arm, he was asking so many questions, but they were nearly to the mess hall and everything would be worth it. 

The women turned to look at her captain`s irritated face and held back a giggle, he`d look so good on Eren`s arm wouldn`t he? All blushy like a bride on her wedding day while Eren whispered sweet nothings in his ear and treated him like a princess and Petra was going to see it all!

Levi looked at her questioningly at the shrill `eek` she let slip.

Once the two reached the pitch black room, Petra waited, she needed to make sure Eren was there too, otherwise the entire operation would be blown and she`d never get her fan service- her friends together.

“Mikasa, tell me where we`re going! You can`t just drag me where ever you want!” Eren growled, Petra sighed at the girl`s lack of subtlety, but quickly pulled Levi into the room.

“Hey, watch it! And was that Eren? Why`s it so dark, I can`t see shit.”

“Was that captain Levi? What`s going on? Mikasa?”

It was hard maneuvering the two men into sitting position without hitting kneecaps, but once they were seated she and Mikasa scattered and scrambled to give the signal.

Just as Levi opened his mouth to complain, candles lit up to envelope the room in warm, low lighting, and thus reveal the deep red table cloth, the fine china and silverware that they never used, and Eren who was just as confused as he was.

Music filtered through the room because apparently Gunther could play sensual piano and did so in the far corner of the room.

“Sir?” The brunet murmured, Levi shook his head.

“Don`t look at me.”

“Ahem, good evening gentlemen.” A new voice said.

“Eld!?” Eren spat.

Eld stood there like a waiter in all formal wear and a tray and notepad in hand, his hair was allowed to fall over his shoulders elegantly, but Levi thought it was a bit backwards since his hair could get into food, but whatever, point was he was there.

“Eld, what the hell are you wearing?” Levi asked boredly, but his squad mate only smiled.

“Why, to take your orders sirs.” He said politely.

“We`ll have whatever the hell you made with a side of explanation.” The raven answered, Eld simply nidded and walked away, the service was terrible.

“Um, so…” Eren said awkwardly, and Levi finally turned to get a good look at him. Apparently some one thought it a good idea to try and spruce him up by slicking his hair back always from his face, leaving his strong jaw and intense eyes on full display/ He looked good in the soft candle light, the contours of his face were more defined in it, made him look older. Eren stared back at him with a weird look of fondness and awkwardness, finally breaking eyes contact after about five minutes of Levi`s gaze.

“Uh, you look nice tonight sir.” The boy stuttered.

He didn`t just say that, the cheesiest shit you say when you take someone out, Eren has to say it. But that statement made everything click, this was a set up. One he knew had to have been organized by nosy friends and he couldn`t say he was too angry. In fact, he would use this chance to the best of his ability.

Letting a sweet smile grace his lips, and ignoring the way Eren`s jaw nearly fell off his face, Levi nudged Eren`s leg with his use beneath the table in an innocent, but flirty game of footsie that Eren was completely dumbstruck by.

“Thank you, Eren.” He purred, Eren blinked for a moment, then proceeded to guzzle water like a fish to wet his suddenly dry mouth. Levi let a huff of a laugh escape him and Eren choked on his drink, making him laugh even more.

“Pardon me, your dinner, is served.”

Levi`s giggle caught in his throat when he turned to see Petra carrying food with a giddy grin on her face, she`d probably been watching them, in fact. He shot a look behind her, and low and behold his squad, Erwin and Arlert were all hanging out the kitchen door to eavesdrop, though they quickly scattered when he saw them.

“Thank you, Petra.” Eren piped up as the girl set the food down, scurrying away and giving them several signals, thumbs up, blown kisses, winks, a weird motion of her moving a hand back and forth in front of her mouth that look oddly obscene, it all said one thing. Get together, have fun, lots of fun, so much fun you can`t walk tomorrow.

“Everyone is acting so weird today, but this looks good!” Eren cheered, digging into his plate, Levi followed suit slowly, noticing their plates were different foods.

“Hey, wanna try mine?” Eren slopped out around a mouthful of food, which was beyond disgusting, but his cheeks filled like a chipmunks was endearing enough to keep him from gagging. Eren held out a forkful of whatever he was eating, it looked like pasta, and he probably expected to pop it onto Levi`s plate, but instead he leaned over the table and took it off the fork slowly, sliding his lips across it to get every piece of food.

Eren gulped.

“I just shared your germs, you better have a really nice dick Jaeger.” Levi expected a shriek in return, not the darkening of his cadet`s eyes and finally a nudge back under the table.

“I do. He answered.

- ℰ + ℒ -

“What are they doing?”

“Look! Their feet are touching!”

“I think they`re going to kiss!”

The group of supposed adult squealed and gasped at their subjects` flirtatious gestures and hooded gazes.

“Oh my walls, they are so fucking!”


“Don`t you `Petra` me, those are bedroom eyes they`re giving each other!”

As Eren leaned in and Levi`s eyes fell closed everyone geld their breath. Their lips met once, twice, no, trice, then met again for a low slow kiss as Eren`s hand came up behind Levi head to cradle it and Levi draped two arms over his shoulders.

It was a loving sight, even as it started up a full blown make out session, even though the soothing piano had stopped abruptly. Wait.

“Gunther`s still out there!” Oluo yelled, bounded out to save their traumatized friend, Petra wanted to say he ruined the moment, but the couple gave about, zero fucks, and kept necking each other like they were the only two that existed.

Mission accomplished.

erwin-smith  asked:


  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter: hunter petra and werewolf hanji 💕
  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman: mermaid petra and fisherman hanji 👀
  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar: witch petra and familiar hanji ;;
  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict: barista petra and coffee addict hanji (awww)
  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA: definitely professor hanji and TA petra
  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss): knight hanji ❤ and princess petra
  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent: teacher hanji single parent petra
  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor: writer hanji and editor petra

thank you! These are all so cute ❤

The Prince and the Guide

Recommended by: Falcity, Co-Owner of Ereriposts 

Title: The Prince and the Guide

By: ThatEreriGirl

Genre: Fluff, angst, forbidden love, humor, slight smut

Warnings: Author chose not to use any Archive Warnings 

Summary: Prince Levi of Kingdom Maria and and Princess Petra Ral of Kingdom Rose were arranged to get married, due to Levi’s parents. Levi refused, as he did not want to get forced to marry a girl he didn’t even love, but unfortunately, knows that he must or the two kingdoms could go to war.

But what happens when Levi meets a young boy at the gathering in which he is to meet Petra? In the midst of the mayhem of dealing with his parents and trying to get somewhat closer Petra, he finds himself falling further and further in love with the young boy, who is named Eren. But not only was the love forbidden, for Levi was a prince and Eren a commoner, but the wedding with Petra was something that would absolutely not be avoided.

Review: This fanfic was great. At first I was a bit reluctant because forbidden love and arranged marriages are quite cliche, so the originality of this could only go so far. Or so I thought. I gave it a try and found myself unable to stop, and I really do recommend you all read it. It’s quite adorable. And funny. 

Yay. First fanfic rec on this account :3 You guys are all welcomed to submit your own recs ^^ 


Read it

Headcanon: Eren is a prince that lives with his adoptive siblings, Armin and Miaksa. His father, the King, abandoned the throne after the Queen died leaving Eren waiting for the day he turns 18 to take the throne with a partner to be Queen. So the castle plans a ball for other royals to come visit so Eren can pick a wife, and Knight Levi is protecting princess Petra but Eren ends up picking Levi after dancing with him. 


“Once upon a time”,

Is the way it usually begins.

We always want a happy ending,

Where the lovers kiss and the good guy wins.

But the stories are so much more,

Than just a beginning and an end.

They have life, and breath,

And reality to suspend.

So take a seat with us,

And enjoy the ride,

As we explore the tales,

And find the magic of the stories inside.

We all thought it would be fun to try and have a challenge to help get our creative juices pumping again, and this is the one we selected first - Disney/Fairytale Everlark.

And our tributes are:

Feb. 1: Aladdin - Cynthia titania522

Feb 2: Beauty and the Beast - Nicole peetasallhehasleft

Feb 3: Cars - Alysa peetabreadgirl

Feb 4: Cinderella - Millie que-sera-sera88

Feb 5: Frozen - Whitney bxgginforthread

Feb 5: Hercules - Tracy katnissdoesnotfollowback

Feb 6: Little Mermaid - Pearl perksofbeingpeeta

Feb 7: Mary Poppins - Abby abbythebear

Feb 8: Mulan - Kristen everybirdfellsilent

Feb 9: Pocahontas - Emily catching-dandelions

Feb 10: The Princess and the Frog - Petra nightleyss

Feb 11: Robin Hood - Angela hutchhitched

Feb 12: Sleeping Beauty - Bonnie mrsbonniemellark
The Six Swans - Maree iamseemaree

Feb 13: Tangled - Stacy stacylk

Feb 14: Tarzan - Kristin kleighd80

May the odds be ever in your favor!

(Thanks to peetasallhehasleft and stacylk for making this awesome list! You guys help keep our heads on straight!)