princess peanut

Animated INFJs

Rafiki, The Lion King

Linus, Classic Peanuts

Te Fiti, Moana

Irene, The Princess and the Goblin

Elsa, Frozen

Toothless, How to Train Your Dragon

The Blue Fairy, Pinocchio

Rain, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Maid Marian, Robin Hood

Piglet, Winnie the Pooh

Sally, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Dowager Empress Marie, Anastasia

BTS as Steven Universe Characters

Seokjin - Pearl

-refuses to just be another pearl

-Birb Mom™

-not a regular mom - She’s a cool mom

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Yoongi - Peridot


-can’t lose

-thinks she’s an evil genius when she’s actually just a big nerd

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Namjoon - Rose Quartz

-a strong leader who is respected by everyone

-sees beauty in everything

-curious about everything

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Hoseok - Amethyst

-loud and outgoing/fun loving

-compassionate even though she seems careless

-welcoming to everyone

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Jimin - Sapphire

-very soft singing voice

-pretty princess

-smooth as crunchy peanut butter

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Taehyung - Steven Quartz Universe

-happy-go-lucky kind of guy

-just wants everyone to get along

-many talents/interests, including art, instruments, and singing

(He even has the box smile)

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Jeongguk - Eyeball Ruby

-serious and stoic at first glance, but actually just a walking, talking meme

-a big fangirl on the inside

-dedicated to her mission

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(Look at that family resemblance #Twins)

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