princess peaches

  • Dylann’s mother shared that he was always the last one out the door because he “was so particular” and things had to look precisely the way he wanted. As she also noted in interview with federal investigators, he insisted on coordinating his clothing to be the same color. She said that he insisted on having underwear that was very white.
  • When he visited his Roof grandparents, they said Dylann did not stay seated. He would pace, “wear out the floors,” if he were talking to his mom or dad on the phone. 
  • Even after he was adult, Dylann’s mother cleaned his room, and he described no ambition to be on his own in the world. In this evaluation, he said, “I am OK living with my mom” and that he has never really lived away from her. Asked if he’d prefer living on his own, he commented “probably not. I’d rather be with my mom and not worry. Even if she tells me what to do.” Asked what would be most difficult about living on his own, he answered that his mom “pays for food and everything.”  
The Odyssey
Pauline (Nintendo)
The Odyssey

Here we go! Off the rails!

Did you know? Its time to raise our sails!

It’s freedom like you never knew!

Don’t need bags, or a pass!

Sail away- I’ll be there in a flash!

You could say my hat is off to you!

Oh, we can zoom all the way to the moon from this great, wide, wacky world!

Jump with me!

Grab coins with me!

Oh yeah!

It’s time to jump up in the air!

(Jump up in the air!)

Jump up, don’t be scared!

(Jump up, don’t be scared!)

Jump up and your cares will soar away!

And if you jump outside this world!

(Jump outside this world!)

Don’t fear, don’t shed a tear, ‘cause -

I’ll be your 1-up girl!

So lets all jump up super high!

(Jump up super high!)

High up in the sky!

(High up in the sky!)

There’s no power-up like dancing!

You know that you’re my super star!

(You’re my super star!)

No one else can take me this far!

I’m flipping the switch!

Get ready for this! Oh!

Let’s do the Odyssey!

Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see! Odyssey, ya’ see!

Odyssey! Odyssey!