Wanted to draw a quick Valentines Day themed picture before I got too busy with stuff for my birthday this week. I had so much fun with this. Peach is such an amazing cutie. Love her so much.

Hope you all have an amazing Valentines Day filled with lots of yummy cakes. <3

Commission Info: http://macaronomnom.tumblr.com/post/137806118129/commissions-are-open-limited-spots-so-message-me


wow this took a while :P

I decided to repaint an old mario party 2 render, and my fave picture of Peach possibly ever. But like most n64 renders… yeah they don’t really hold up too well, so i gave it some severe tlc

i used mostly her 3d world pic for the colour palette and a picture of captain toad for the clothes 

for reference here’s what the original looked like: