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Elsword PSA: Clearing up the confusion about the "dark side"

As you all know, you can choose one of three job paths when you hit level 15. Depending on which path you go with, your character’s play style and abilities will change in a certain way. And of course, there’s a backstory to each path. But actually, there are terms to describe each of the three paths in general.

The three paths every character gets are called “Imperial”, “Rebellion”, and “Transform”. Most people know about this already, but if you don’t, here are some quick definitions for these terms:

  • Imperial classes are the ones who take on the “traditional” path. They have an air of elegance, generally using the skills they already had as a base class and improving upon them. They usually stay on the side of grace and embrace calmness.
  • Rebellion classes are essentially the opposite of the Imperial classes. They rely less on their original weapons or teachings and use powers that stray from the traditional. Additionally, they tend to be more aggressive than the Imperial classes.
  • Transform classes choose powers that “transform” them into completely new people with new powers and abilities unlike the others. This transformation can be literal or figurative, sometimes both. Basically, you can guess what types of powers the Imperial and Rebellion classes will have based on their base job, but it’s a little harder to do that for the Transform classes.

These are the terms that fans have created for the three classes, but some people like to call each of them the “normal” path, the “dark” path, and the “different” path. And that’s fine, but ever since the release of Asura, Crimson Avenger, and Diabolic Esper, people have been getting confused as to which path is which. 

People have no problem identifying the “normal” or “good” guys and sticking those terms to the Imperial classes. But when it comes to the Rebellion and Transform classes, people have no idea which is the “dark” side and which is the “different” side. I’ve heard people ask, “Wait, I thought Yama Raja was the dark path. Why are they releasing another dark character (Asura)?” “Aren’t the Rebellion classes supposed to be the dark ones? Why is Crimson Avenger so dark?” “Since when were the Transform classes the darkest ones…?” etc.

So what’s the answer? Which path is supposed to be “dark”? Rebellion or Transform? The answer: neither. Rebellion doesn’t necessarily mean going to the dark side, and neither does transform. Therefore, it’s best not to attribute “dark” to either of these job paths (of course, you can attribute “dark” to your weapons! Dark is a good element).

Additionally, some people have no idea which class is supposed to be the “dark” path for certain characters. For example, Yama Raja and Asura. Some don’t know which one is supposed to be dark and which is supposed to be “different”, and some think that they’re both supposed to be dark.

To clear up all this confusion, I’ll be going through every character and talking about their Rebellion and Transform classes, explaining which is the dark one and why. It’ll be easier for some characters and harder for others, but I’ll do my best for each class. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Elsword: Rune Slayer vs. Infinity Sword

Dark path: Infinity Sword (Transform)

Reasoning: Infinity Sword’s Conwell absorbs the dark El energy from the demons and then transfer that energy into Elsword. RS just uses runes and some fire techniques. Between the two, IS is definitely the darker path. However, compared to other characters’ dark paths, he isn’t that dark. His backstory explains that he accepts the risks of taking in dark El energy, but it doesn’t show him actually succumbing to it or falling into darkness. Still, his powers are darker than RS’s.

Aisha: Void Princess vs. Dimension Witch

Dark path: Void Princess (Rebellion)

Reasoning: One’s a dark-magic wielder and the other is a magical girl. I think it’s pretty damn obvious as to who the dark one is.

Rena: Wind Sneaker vs. Night Watcher

Dark path: Night Watcher (Transform)

Reasoning: Wind Sneaker just kicks people, while Night Watcher joins a group of elf assassins and secret agents. Sure, kicking people is mean, but this game revolves around fighting things. If you think kicking people is dark, then Elsword is not the game for you. Anyways, between the two, NW is the darker path. However, just like IS, I don’t think NW is that dark. Though her employers are a bit shady, NW herself doesn’t do anything really dark throughout her travels. Many believe that her face indicates that she’s evil, but I don’t think so. She’s just serious when doing her job. Seriousness does not equal evilness. But again, it’s still darker than WS.

Raven: Reckless Fist vs. Veteran Commander

Dark path: Reckless Fist (Rebellion)

Reasoning: Many people have trouble identifying the darker of these two paths. For Raven, his blade represents his calm and controlled side, while his Nasod arm represents his darker side. Because RF and VC both use their mechanical arms, it seems like they’re both dark classes. However, I’d say that Reckless Fist is the darker one. 

RF uses his own rage to power up his attacks and can feel himself getting closer and closer to insanity. VC just adds a new system to his arm (Overheat). Although the Overheat system is dangerous and damages Raven, it’s not exactly an indication of darkness; rather, it’s just a different system. RF embraces the insanity that comes with the arm, while VC modifies his arm so he can deal more damage without going crazy. It’s a close call, but Raven’s dark path is RF.

Eve: Nemesis vs. Battle Seraph

Dark path: Nemesis (Rebellion)

Reasoning: The Exotic and Nemesis codes themselves were designed to create a destructive battle-type Nasod, whereas the Electra and Battle Seraph codes allow Eve to use El energy more efficiently and access a new way of fighting.

Nemesis is described as the “Queen of Destruction”. Also, if you look at Q-PROTO_00, she doesn’t have normal human senses and is purely focused on destroying everything in her path. Sure, CBS also doesn’t have emotions, but CBS isn’t insane. Going back to CN, Eve accepted this code, knowing its risks. That means there is a chance that Eve could end up like Q-PROTO_00 if she isn’t careful.

For CBS, some say that she’s the darker one due to her reliance on the dark El. However, it’s only because Eve required a larger power source that she needed the dark El to power her code. Inherently, the Electra and Battle Seraph codes aren’t “dark”. Furthermore, CBS doesn’t use the dark El alone; it’s combined with a moonstone to stabilize it. And as I said earlier, the fact that CBS lost her emotions doesn’t make her a psycho.

Two other things: Nemesis hugs her black drone during her winning poses instead of the white one, and her clothes are a lot darker than CBS’s (and CEm’s).

Chung: Deadly Chaser vs. Tactical Trooper

Dark path: Deadly Chaser (Rebellion)

Reasoning: DC is described as looking more like an assassin than a guardian. Therefore, it’s a slightly darker path, but only by a teeny bit. DC’s Silver Shooters and his powers aren’t that dark in nature; it’s not like he embraces a truly evil side or has to use a dark power source. 

Ara Haan: Yama Raja vs. Asura

Dark path: Yama Raja (Rebellion)

Reasoning: Yama Raja uses demonic powers, and her first job path was Little Devil. However, Asura’s backstory is also a bit dark. The reason why I think YR is darker is because she outright uses dark powers, whereas we’re not yet sure if Eun’s intentions are good or evil in Asura’s path. I will admit that Asura’s backstory is quite fishy. I don’t know whether Eun should be trusted or not, but comparing this ambiguity to YR’s obvious usage of demonic magic makes YR seem darker to me. However, if you think Asura is the darker of the two, I can certainly see why.

Elesis: Blazing Heart vs. Crimson Avenger

Dark path: Crimson Avenger (Transform)

Reasoning: Umm… I don’t think I need to explain this one.

Add: Lunatic Psyker vs. Diabolic Esper

“Wait, LP vs. DE? I thought LP was released first. Wouldn’t that make him the Imperial class and Mastermind the Rebellion class?” Okay, let’s talk about LP vs. MM first. It’s sort of difficult to tell which is Add’s “normal” path because he’s insane right from the start. Is the normal path of a maniac serenity or insanity?

Well, here’s how I think about it: Add is essentially a scientist. He invented his Dynamos to fight for him, and although he posses some combos where he punches or kicks his enemies on his own, his Dynamos do most of the work. Mastermind continues to follow that mentality by creating various drone installations to fight for him. Lunatic Psyker, on the other hand, uses his Nasod Armor to punch and kick people more. He’s a more hands-on class compared to Mastermind. Additionally, amongst Add’s three job paths, LP has the most Nasod Armor combos: 5, as opposed to AT/MM and TTr/DE having 2 each. LP is the Rebellion class because he relies more on his Nasod Armor, punches, and kicks than his Dynamos, whereas MM creates drone installations.

Here’s another way to think about it: Add is meant to be Eve’s pair character. Therefore, his Imperial, Rebellion, and Transform classes should roughly match up with Eve’s (well, his Transform class doesn’t, but that’s because it’s a “transform” class, so he’s bound to go down an unpredictable path). CEm is similar to MM because they both use drones, assistants, and installations in battle. CN is similar to LP due to their aggressive play style and usage of other types of weapons.

Between these two, it’s pretty obvious as to which is the darker one: DE. Although LP is aggressive, DE basically says “you know what, fuck this world, let’s destroy everything and rip apart time and space”. Soo… yeah. End of discussion.

So if we look at all the “dark” classes, 4 of them are Transform classes and 5 are Rebellion classes. If you want to say that Asura is darker than YR, then that’s 5 Transform and 4 Rebellion. Basically, the dark classes are split between the Transform and Rebellion paths. Therefore, one can’t say the Transform path or the Rebellion path is defined as the “dark” path.

But of course, the most important thing is that you choose the characters that you love and want to play the most. Will you play a character’s Imperial, Rebellion, or Transform class? Or will you take on his/her “good”, “dark”, or “different” side? It’s up to you, but…

Remember: The dark side isn’t associated with any of the three paths.

The more you know…

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Me, You Dick

Summary: Reader is a necromancer and the Salvatore brothers needed help. (This is so long, sorry.)

Pairings: Damon x Reader

Warnings: A whole lotta swearing, killing, dying, a bit of angst, smut at the very end.

Word Count: 4016. I told you, it’s long. 

This kinda got out of hand because I was so into my own story line. Lol

(gif and photo not mine. Credits to owners.)

A necromancer is a witch who focuses on life and death and with both your parents both powerful and a ruler of the dark dimensions, you were able to live an immortal life, well you can die but you’ll just be brought back to life anyway. Makes you think that maybe your parents doesn’t want you to linger in the dark dimensions and spend time with them, but that wasn’t the reason. You were easing down on the ‘taking another one’s life’ as you were staying in a city full of hunters and other creatures.

You’ve been avoiding contact with any supernatural creature as they’ve been taking advantage of your powers and just for being who you are, the princess of the dark dimensions, technically. But now your hiding has been ended. The notorious and infamous Salvatore brothers has found you and asked for your help. If it wasn’t for the elder brother’s convincing, you would’ve just killed them but you weren’t that heartless. A tiny bit only.

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My childhood has been coming back recently...

I mean there’s all of this in the past/upcoming few years!

Along with many more I can’t think of right off the top of my head. But still! That’s a lotta nostalgia coming back for me. I tear up just thinking about all of these things.


EPIC CARD GAMES!!!! (the Motion Picture)

Now with 10% more bg choir music.