princess of darkness costume


Beautiful Cloaks

This show has so many incredible cloaks. They are absolutely a highlight for me when watching - I have been known to loudly coo when a particularly sublime one appears on screen.

I think it’s remarkable how much effort and attention is put into the costumes for even minor costumes. The little cloak that Grace (the Mad Hatter’s) daughter wears is absolutely beautiful, as is the fur-lined cloak that Merida’s mother wears. And they’re only seen on screen for barely a few minutes each!

My favourite cloaks are probably Belle’s from season 1 and the pink cloak that Princess Eva wears when eavesdropping on Cora (it just has such exquisite beading along the edge). I also love the heavily textured cloak worn by the Dark Ones - it looks almost like animal skin.


I always wanted to say thank you so much for all the lovely reblogs and descriptions on what you love in my pictures. I always look forward to seeing what you say. It brightens my day and makes me all giddy <3

I never say much, I know. but I follow your posts and gosh, you’re just such a lovely person. I love what you do here on tumblr and in the Princess Tutu fandom. 

Thank you for making me feel so welcome here ;v;


Princess Tutu can’t ever speak her words of love, so instead she dances.

And to show you my words of thanks, I decided to draw.

Prince Charming

Summary: Phil works a summer job as a “Prince Charming” entertainer for birthday parties, and Dan is the older brother of Athena, the girl that the party is for. They meet and instantly hit it off.

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: None :)

A/N: I really like this fic, and it only took me about an hour to write. I hope you enjoy it, and any feedback you have is very, very appreciated!

Phil could honestly say that he loved his summer job. He was just trying to save up some money for when he started university in the fall, but he started falling in love working with all of the kids. Phil knew he loved children, but he always thought that once he started working with them, it would wear off, and he’d become like every other teenager. The opposite seemed to happen though.

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Lane wore her Tinker Bell costume to see the Electrical Parade at the Magic Kingdom last night.  Her costume lights up, and the wings glow in the dark. I made this for Halloween, and amazingly, it still fits! :D