princess of brazil

“Both of us are widowers. We met last year at a dance for seniors. He treats me so much better than my husband ever did. My husband treated me like a stray dog. He used to beat me. He’d get angry, and yell, and break things. He’d always say that I’d never meet someone else. But this man is different. He always tells me that he loves me. He always wants to be with me. He makes me feel like a princess.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

Princesa Encantada de Jericoacoara, por Natalie Duarte

Uma bela princesa que foi encantada por uma bruxa, e agora vive em uma gruta embaixo do farol de Jericoacoara. Diz a lenda que para chegar à princesa, que agora tem o corpo de serpente, é preciso matar uma pessoa em frente ao pequeno portão em meio às pedras do farol. Ele então se abrirá, revelando uma gruta de ouro guardada pela bela princesa. Em seguida, o visitante deve traçar uma cruz no dorso da princesa com o sangue da pessoa que foi morta para abrir o portão, e ela se desencantará. A princesa, agora humana, se apaixonará pelo visitante, e a gruta se transformará em uma bela cidade de ouro e pedras preciosas, que deverá ser regida pelos dois.


The Enchanted Princess of Jericoacoara, by Natalie Duarte

A beautiful princess that was enchanted by a witch, and now lives in a grotto under the Jericoacoara Lighthouse. The story says that to get to the princess, now trapped in a half-serpent’s body, a visitor has to kill someone in front of the small gate by the rocks under the lighthouse. It will open, revealing a golden grotto that is now guarded by the beautiful princess. Then, the visitor must draw a cross on the princess’s back using the blood of the person that was killed to open the gate, and the enchantment will wear off. The princess, now completely human, will fall in love with the visitor, and the grotto will transform into a stunning city made of gold and precious stones, that shall be ruled by the couple.

“I know this is a problem almost everywhere, but I’m very upset it’s almost impossible to find Disney Princesses t-shirts here in Brazil. One day, I cried tears of joy ‘cause I found an Aurora t-shirt, but then, when I tried it on, it was too right because of my “generous” boobs and I cried tears of sadness. A few days ago I even looked at a little girl at the mall with envy because she was wearing a Belle t-shirt! The only wearable Princesses items I own are Ariel and Aurora slippers.”