princess of beauty

Three tasks you must complete: The first- You must slay a
dragon and repay your debt to me with its gold. Ten thousand dineros and not a obolo less! The second- You must take a wife, a princess of beauty and fertility that you might continue my line. The third- You shall exalt God by taking for me the holy grail of all Christian artifacts: The Holy Grail!

The Millennial King by Ari Bach

And so the quest begins.


A Christmas Fantasy Parade by adventurous aleisha

anonymous asked:

So now we know who harald's princess is (it was weird and sad how it was). I didn't know who to feel more sorry for, harald or the princess.

I know exactly who to feel more sorry for lol, I feel more sorry for Princess Ellisif. Like, tough luck for Harald that he became obsessed with her, but she had to deal with him threatening her and him being obsessed with her.  

*Places my hairy legs on your lap* Your thoughts on Harald’s princess? She’s quite beautiful, I must say! I’m still Team Aslaug should have been his princess =3= I’ll be honest, Harald was bordering on creepy territory <.<

Once he whipped out that knife he straight up crossed over into creepy territory, let’s be real here.

As for the reveal of his princess, IA Sophie Vavasseur (the actress) was just gorgeous. She’s also 24, and she looks it. Peter Franzen is 45 and while Harald’s age in the show is up for discussion, he’s definitely not in his 20s. WTF is going on, at least 10 years have passed since he came to Kattegat, is the show trying to convince me that she’s as old as he is or did he literally fall in love with her when she was 13? Ew.

Also, I think Aslaug being his princess would have been the smarter choice by far in terms of connecting the plot and creating tension. Barring that, I wanted his princess to be a big character in the series. The way that this is set up… doesn’t make it seem like it’s going in that direction. Which is sad.

I feel like harald is going to kill that girl’s husband, and it’s going to down spiral from there. BUT, I felt like this is one of the few times we see him real, like with human feelings and emotions.

IDK, I thought his speech to Aslaug in 4x04 seemed very human and also very grand. And since then I have found his character to be very charismatic and interesting, this was just lame lol. And I just hope that this poor princess is alright in the end, she doesn’t deserve this lol.



Star Wars - Princess Leia’s Theme. RIP Carrie Fisher (w/ @maple.the.pup)