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“It was a marriage between Psyche and Cupid,Catherine the Great wrote to the Prince of Ligne. Elizabeth was only fourteen, her husband a year older.

“You tell me that I hold the happiness of a certain person in my hands.If that is true, then his happiness is assured forever… this person loves me tenderly, and I love him in return, and that will be my happiness… you can be certain that I love you more than I ever can say”
©  Princess Louise of Baden (Elizabeth Alexeievna) to Alexander


Through the Years → Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden (429/)

9 May 2017 | Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden attend the official Gala dinner at the Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway. King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway are celebrating their 80th birthdays. (Photo by Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images)


In 1792 she [Catherine II] had the fourteen-year-old Princess Louise of Baden brought to St. Petersburg, and watched hopefully for signs of developing romance between the young girl and fifteen-year-old Alexander. It’s a devilish trick I am playing on him,“ she wrote rather salaciously to her habitual confidant Melchior Grimm. “For I am leading im into temptation.” The Princess entered the Orthodox Church with the name Elisabeth Alexeievna and she and Alexander were married on September 28 1793, but their union failed to blosom into the grand passion Catherine hoped. Some court observers thought Elisabeth intellectually more mature than her groom. United in adversity, Alexander and Elisabeth grew closer than they had been previously, and in 1799 their first child, the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna was at last born. One year later the baby developed several weeks of fever and diarrhoea, dying of convulsions in July 1800. Elisabeth was devasted, it was to be six years before she had another child, the Grand Duchess Elisabeth, who in turn succumbed to convulsions at two years old. Alexander’s new, Christian spirit eventually led to a certain improvement in his relationship with Elisabeth, and possibly even guilt on his part at the numerous infidelities of his earlier days. {The Grand Dukes, Janet Ashton}

"What a difference would it have made in the happiness of both, if they had been able to understand each other! They seemed to have been made the one for the other; the same goodness, the same gentleness and intellectual power. Yet there seemed to have been one point on which their hearts could not meet. Why is it that death alone has reunited such perfect souls?” Countess of Choisseul-Gouffier.


The Swedish Royal Family has arrived for the Nobel Laureate dinner hosted by the King and Queen. 

Crown Princess Victoria is repeating a glittering sequined Pär Engsheden gown that she first wore to the 2011 Nobel Awards when she was expecting Princess Estelle.

Tiaras present include:

  • Queen Silvia in the Leuchtenberg Sapphire
  • Crown Princess Victoria in the Baden Fringe
  • Princess Madeleine in the Modern Fringe 
  • Princess Sofia in the Emerald Palmette