princess of a big fail


20th century Disney princesses ( or ladies, these are not all princesses technically) wearing outfits from the year their movie premiered!

( Has this been done before? Not sure but it seemed like a nice idea to draw)

I’ve tried practicing body types a bit so some of these may look a little different than their appearence in the movies

😂😂😂 No dumbass, it just confirms that renji is more useful than your shit princess, who talked big about protecting ichigo for 680 chapters, but failed again. You guys thought “ichihime” was fighting ywhach, but in the end THAT FIGHT turned out to be yet another red herring - ichigo’s bankai broke, tsukishima came up with the idea to fix it, and finally now it is renji who accompanies ichigo to chase after yhwach, while your princess is left behind with prince ishida. 🙄 Man, i pray the hoe would leave ishida alone 🤗

Orgs cant read for shit. Confirmed.