princess nobody

Luna: “…But yes, he’s my boyfriend too”

Nyx: U dead


Time Jump!!

I just really wanted to give Pidge long hair and Allura short hair. I think Pidge was sad when she had to cut it all off so she let it grow.

Keith is official the smol. He’s not happy about it.

(No Shiro because too many failed attempts. He’s too hot to make any decent changes)

“Space Mom”

You, know, I’m kinda totally completely not understanding your guys’ beef with Space Mom Allura? Like, I get it, she really doesn’t do that well with children, but she kinda took Pidge under her wing when she found out the latter was a girl, and she is nurturing in that tough love kinda way that has me feelin’ all sorts of good, strong vibes. So, I’m slightly confused [by which I mean, ‘I totally don’t get it at all but also don’t wanna start no sh*t’] as to why much of the VLD Fandom [sh*tstorm that it is] thinks it’s a problem if some of us like to think of her as the Space Mom?

Like, do you even know, do you even know who the OG Space Mom™ was?





Oh, and just to reiterate:

Yeah, and somehow, people think that Allura being a Space Mom is a bad thing? Where I come from, ‘Space Mom’ is a title of the utmost respect.

And for those of you who think calling Allura the Space Mom to Shiro’s Space Dad makes her secondary or subordinate or some sh*t, I raise you this comparison:

credit to @shiroallura (x)

[*whispers* Also, just a friendly reminder that, in both cases, the Space Dad in the relationship always defers to the Space Mom.]

So, overall, I don’ know what y’all are complainin’ ‘bout.

And, just one more time to reiterate:

…I see no difference.

13 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, gruesome torture, death, blood, wound details and grief

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On Keith Leaving Voltron and the Validity of His Decision

*deep breath*

Here we go… So, it couldn’t be more clear that a lot of the fandom is upset or dissatisfied or confused at Keith giving up the Black Lion and instead joining the Blade of Marmora. I admit, it does seem like a step backwards from Keith’s character development as a leader of Voltron from the previous season… But I think that’s the point.

Let’s take a step back and think about this; first, let’s start by asking some basic questions: What is Voltron: Legendary Defender? [Yes we’re getting that fundamental; get back here, take some time to read an actual intellectual argument about a family show for once.] That’s right, Voltron: Legendary Defender is a TV show! Now, what are TV shows, really? Well, they’re basically expressive visual media stories meant to shed light on the human condition and entertain us while doing so; the alternative to the written word doing so, yes? Meaning, they’re a kind of art. And the best art/stories challenge us to think in a new or creative perspective. This is why I love how Keith’s story has been unfolding.

Last season was spent exploring Keith’s attempt to fill Shiro’s shoes as Voltron’s leader. He wasn’t the best at it, surely, and he blatantly expressed hesitance to even take up the mantle. Even up until the end of the season, Keith told Shiro he didn’t believe in his ability to lead the team. This doubt in Keith’s mind culminates as he makes the decision to yield the Black Lion to Shiro and leave the team altogether for the Blade of Marmora. This is a good thing. Keith’s undeveloped leadership skills and his cognizance of his skill set poignantly validate his abdication as Team Voltron’s leader.

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The Turtles Fave Disney Princesses Headcanon


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