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Luna: “…But yes, he’s my boyfriend too”

Nyx: U dead


Time Jump!!

I just really wanted to give Pidge long hair and Allura short hair. I think Pidge was sad when she had to cut it all off so she let it grow.

Keith is official the smol. He’s not happy about it.

(No Shiro because too many failed attempts. He’s too hot to make any decent changes)

A Race to the Edge AU in which everything is the same except Princess Outpost actually dresses like an princess. 

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I'd like to point out that through all of this, Marco doesn't have to change her voice. Nobody says a word, there isn't even a hint. She's all "It's ya girl Marco" and "as Princesses WE" and NOBODY QUESTIONS IT. She doesn't even need to change how she acts. That's so important.

I know that’s one of the things I loved about St. Olga’s.

It was just so nice to have somebody just naturally accepted as a girl and not be questioned over their voice.

Voltron headcannons 

  •  Lance is actually in L O V E with K pop and J pop! (it’s a secret kept to the grave) He loves the more upbeat stuff (his favorite band is SHINee and his second fave is 2NE1)
  •  pidge loves 80′s music a lot because her dad used to play it a lot when he was home, and once her dad and her brother left for the Kerberos mission she played it a lot before bed and doing chores around the house so she wasn’t as lonely without them there (her mom is fond of the music too)
  •  hunk is an amazing artist, he doodles a lot when he’s bored or needs something to do with his hands (he took a few art classes on the side before joining the garrison too just for fun)
  •  shiro went through a really bad anime obsession in middle school and he can’t hear the words anime or manga without cringing 
  •  keith (somehow) knows how to play the saxophone and he can play all of careless whisper (it’s the only thing he knows how to play) 
  •  lance used to be the shortest kid of his class until he hit a growth spurt a few years back (he’s still a bit sensitive about his height)
  •  pidge is used to being a human armrest for lance so often she doesn’t even care anymore
  •  hunk has an angelic singing voice, but just wait until you hear lance, the boy has a voice like a siren
  •  on the opposite side, never let pidge sing she c a n n o t
  • lance used to watch my little pony with his little sisters and he’s a low-key brony 
    • who is anyone kidding one time him and hunk binge-watched the entire show 
      • they know the entire theme song by heart
  • allura knows all of these secrets through her mice

i love mitch grassi because he really helps me when im feeling dysphoric
voice is too high? not as high as mitch’s
people calling me she? mitch gets called she all the time! no biggie
i have to wear a dress for something? it’s fine- mitch wears dresses and looks amazing!
his breaking of gender roles and being unapologetically himself has helped me through some tough times and honestly i couldn’t be more grateful. here’s to mitch


What does it matter now? No, no, nobody left the skidmarks of sin
on your soul and laid you wide open for Hell. You were loved.
Always. We did what was best. We remember your childhood well {X}

Carol Ann Duffy

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Can you do a headcanon where Lydia is a medieval Princess and stiles is a knight or anything that isn't as highly ranked like a princess. And maybe you could have it so Stiles wouldn't know she was a princess.

Okay but how cute would it be if Stiles lived on the grounds of the palace because his dad was a guard?

  • But Lydia is this heavily guarded princess, and nobody ever sees her because her life is so important that they can’t risk it. 
  • Stiles is a little kid who spends his whole life wandering around the castle grounds out of sheer boredom because he has nothing better to do
  • And it’s one of those days, wandering around the grounds, that he stumbles upon a finely dressed redheaded girl who looks extremely out of place. 
  • “Hi,” he says, breathing it out in a childish voice, his cheeks going pink. The girl draws herself up carefully. 
  • “Hello,” she says. 
  • “You look lost,” Stiles points out helpfully. 
  • “I’m not lost,” argues the girl. 
  • “Okay,” he says. “Then I guess I don’t have to show you how to get back through the garden.” 
  • She dithers for a moment, looking very harassed, and then sighs heavily, crossing her tiny arms. “Fine,” she says. “Show me.” 
  • Stiles simply assumes that the girl is one of the daughters of a senator, or perhaps a visiting duchess. He leads her back through the maze of the gardens, babbling on about nothing important, and is surprised when she corrects him on one of the facts he’s stating about astronomy. 
  • She seems so bothered by what he’d said, and so sure of herself, that he falls in love in that one moment, one instant. 
  • He doesn’t exactly seek her out, but he does start wandering around that part of the gardens more, hope budding in his stomach until one day he finally, finally, finally sees her again.
  • And again. And again. 
  • They sit by the fountain and talk. She tells him that her name is Ariel. She asks him about what his life is like, eyes wide with curiosity, and he’s confused about it but answers as best he can. 
  • They talk about other stuff, too. He starts to think she knows everything. He reads more, just to be able to keep up with her. 
  • And then they begin to seek each other out. Seasons pass. She tenses whenever he asks about her family, so he learns to stop asking one day. Instead choosing to ask her when he can see her again, and trying not to get to hopeful at the way she smiles at her hands before she answers him. 
  • When they are ten-years-old, she tells him that he’s her second best friend in the whole world, after Ally. (He doesn’t have to ask who Ally is. She talks about her all the time.) 
  • When they are twelve-years-old, she clumsily presses her lips against his and watches the look on his face very carefully and nervously as she pulls back. He’s stunned for a moment, but then he moves in closer and her fingers curl around his shoulders as he goes in to kiss her again, and for some unknown reason, his hand blindly searches until it finds hers and wraps their fingers together. 
  • It’s different after that. They start to write notes to each other, even when they can’t see each other, and leave them tucked under a stone in the gazebo. 
  • When they do spend time together, they hold hands without discussing it. 
  • She refuses to come over when his father is home, so he always makes sure the little cabin is clear before he brings her into his home, sitting her at the kitchen table and telling her stories as he pours her tea and she watches him move around the kitchen with a sense of awe on her face. 
  • Then they’re fourteen and they find themselves sneaking into the little shed at the edge of the gardens, locking the door behind themselves and kissing against the wall, and he murmurs her name against her mouth over and over again– ArielArielAriel– with a look of reverence on his face that she kisses off almost immediately. 
  • He will never stop wanting to talk to her. He will never stop holding her hand. 
  • They’re sixteen when they have sex for the first time. It’s soft and quiet and sweet, in the uncomfortable bed that Stiles grew up sleeping in, and Lydia kisses all over his shoulders and back because there’s time, she thinks, smiling to herself. There’s time, she reminds herself, before telling him that she loves him for the first time. (he’s said it before, countless times, really. But Lydia positively beams as she finally gets it out.) 
  • They’re still sixteen when she shows up at the fountain with tears in her eyes one summer day, twisting her hands together. He ducks down to kiss her and is startled to find her turning her head away, swallowing back tears. 
  • “What?” Stiles asks, alarmed. His voice is deeper now, his hair a bit messier, his eyes a little more tired and droopy, and his hands know her body so well that sometimes he cannot reconcile them with the ones that hadn’t touched her. 
  • “I met my husband today.” 
  • It’s like being punched in the gut. Because some part of him had always assumed that he was going to be her husband. Ever since he was eight-years-old. 
  • “Your… Ariel, what?”
  • She swallows. “Well, first of all. My name isn’t Ariel.” 
  • His mind just goes… blank. And then he starts to put the pieces together, little by little, from the way she’s worrying her teeth against the lip that he has pulled into his mouth so many times. 
  • “It’s Lydia. Isn’t it?” She nods, swallowing hard. “You’re… you’re the princess.” 
  • She draws herself up, her face becoming a smooth mask. “I am,” she says cooly. 
  • Stiles plops himself down on the edge of the fountain. “I… fell in love with the princess?” (Lydia shrugs.) “The princess who is betrothed to somebody else and has been since she was fucking born?”
  • “Language,” she scolds, but it’s breathy and half hearted as she sits next to him. She tries to reach for his hand, but he snatches it away. 
  • “No,” he says, voice rough. “No way, Ar– Lydia. No.” She looks like he’d just slapped her for a moment, just a moment. And then she nods stiffly, placing her hands on her lap. 
  • “I understand.” 
  • “No you fucking don’t.” 
  • “I do. I understand.” 
  • “You lied to me.” 
  • “Because you were the best thing in my life.” 
  • “That’s twisted.” 
  • She breathes in deeply, staying composed. “I know. But I fell in love with you.” 
  • He laughs angrily. “Yeah. I can’t look at you right now,” he admits, pushing off of the fountain and beginning to walk away. 
  • “Stiles,” she calls after him. He stops. Lets himself clench and unclench his fists. “Stiles.” 
  • “What?”
  • “Should I assume this is over?”
  • Bitterness seeps up inside of him. He thinks about the first time he met her, how much he loved her strawberry blonde hair. Thinks about all the times he kissed that hair and watched it fall over her sweaty shoulder as he touched her. Thinks about the times she sat cross legged on his bed and he brushed her hair out and they talked about their lives. 
  • He can’t believe she would ask him that. He can’t believe this is happening. 
  • “I’m so fucking mad at you right now, Lydia,” he says slowly. “So I will fucking leave, and I will stew, and for the love of god I will fight for you later.”