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The Little Princess: Chapter 15

A/n- I’m really sorry this took so long. I’m not really sure what happened. Well, life happened, and I hit a road block in my writing. But I’m back in it now! There is at least one more chapter already in the works for you guys. Thank you to everyone who has liked/commented/reblogged on this story! And a huge thank you to @queen-of-deans-booty for convincing me that this wasn’t complete trash.

Word count: 2,255

Warnings: Daddy!Dean fluff. Like, please consult a nutritionist before consuming this much sweetness.

Characters/Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Mary Winchester (OFC)

Chapter summary: You and Dean take Mary out for some “normal” fun, and end up making your first home video in the process. Dean has a secret he’s keeping from you.

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Chapter 15

After staying with Bobby for one more day, you and Dean finally took Mary and headed back to the bunker. Halfway home, Dean Stopped the car at a little gym for kids.

“What are we doing here?” you asked him.

“I thought we could have one more day of normalcy before we go back to our hunting life. We can let Mary play here for a little while, and then I thought we’d go out for lunch and get ice cream and maybe go see a movie? Just spend the day together as a family.”

You grinned ear to ear. “I would love that. And I know Mary would too. She loves you so much, Dean.”

Dean got Mary out of her car seat and brought her inside with you. Once he paid for her entry, the three of you headed off to the gym for the toddlers. Mary squealed with excitement when she saw all the play mats and little tumbling areas. You and Dean both laughed as she frantically tried to push her daddy’s arms away to get down and go play. Dean hadn’t even put her down yet and her little legs were already moving to run. As soon as her feet touched the mats underneath her, she took off like a bullet. As she ran away screeching with joy, Dean grabbed your hand.

“God she’s perfect. I don’t know when I’ve ever been this happy, Y/N. You’ve given me the greatest thing I could ever dream of. I’m gonna make it a point to have more days like this. This won’t be the only one, I promise.”

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The New Princess - chapter 11

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 4100ish… This got out of hand, but I did have something to make up for.

Warnings: nada

A/N: Hiya friends! The series is back and I hope this time without a 3 month break. In this time I reached 1300 followers (like what? You guys are insane!) so consider this extra long chapter as a celebration and as an apology for my awful timing skills. I hope you enjoy this one and make sure to leave a like and a comment if you liked this chapter! Love y’all!

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The double doors creaked as Jo pushed against the wood, tiptoeing into Ellie’s bedroom, followed closely by Charlie. You hadn’t answered either of their calls, their attempts to wake you up being met by silence. Both of them were getting worried something was wrong. Maybe you had left, tired of this whole circus. What they didn’t expect was the sight before them. There you were, sprawled out across the mattress, fast asleep, still fully clothed.

“Jesus, Y/N, what happened?” the blonde shrieked when she came to a halt at the foot of the kingsize bed.

At her outburst you woke up, only now registering their presence in the room. “Shut up,” you grumbled into your pillow. Your new friends kept whispering back and forward rather loudly, prompting you to throw a cushion in their general direction.

“That was uncalled for,” Charlie replied and she catapulted the object right back at you. An irritated sigh left your lips as you sat up straight. The bright light of the early morning blinded you and you blinked a couple of times, your vision clearing up. You felt disoriented, the gears in your head spinning, searching for memories of yesterday evening and how you had gotten into bed.

That’s when your gaze landed on your body, clothes still on. “Why am I still in my clothes?” Charlie snickered at the frown forming on your face. “Ugh, and what’s that smell?” you questioned until it clicked in your head. “Oh wait, that’s me.” Both of your friends burst out laughing at the disgust written in your features, their shoulders shaking uncontrollably.

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Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) ♡

A/N: I got the name from one of the clothes shops of Saints Row V lol. I plan on making at least two more parts to this, I’m halfway through part two and have the beginning of part three in the works! ^_^. I’m sorry if there’s any misspelling, I get too excited and I tend to rush. Feedback is hella appreciated! - D.

Let’s Pretend: Tony finds a website of two shape shifting mutant porn stars who make their living impersonating the Avengers on their website and decide to show the team.

WARNING: Graphic details of sex. Swearing. Soon-to-be-smut. Second hand embarrassment lol.

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