princess mombi

leia and bb-ben - spring break wooo!!!

use caution when tanning on a planet with two suns. ben’s just the kind of kid who needs floaties on a desert planet, okay? 

//the first of a small collection of leia and bb-ben doodles i was going to give as a gift to 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹 this year at Star Wars Celebration. She will always be with us and the Force is stronger now that she’s apart of it. she always liked the little doodles of her dog gary I did, I thought she would get a kick out of these too. See you on alderaan, sweet princess. I love you more with each passing moon rise.

happy spring break, and have a great star wars con, friends! lets go cosplay-brothers! close your eyes and think of Alderaan.

I’m probably in the minority here, but the classic Wizard of Oz movie was never a childhood favorite of mine. I can appreciate its significance in film history, but it was too cloying and cutesy for me.

Return to Oz is often looked down upon, but I prefer it so much more. It’s weird and strange and wonderful, kind of like how Oz is supposed to be. Princess Mombi (a combination of the witch Mombi and Princess Langwidere from the novels) fascinated me when I was little. And Tik-Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead, the Gump, and Billina seemed like way better traveling companions than the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion.


Creepy-cool Princess Mombi scene from the 1985 movie Return to Oz, starring Fairuza Balk of The Craft fame.


I still wish I was Princess Mombi. She is way fierce.

(I hasten to add that I just looked this up because the autoharp on ‘Burning’ by Wild Beasts - on their new LP 'Smother - totally reminded me of Mombi pranging out on the mandolin.)