princess merida

The last person Merida ever expected to be drift compatible with was her mother. Growing up they had a lot of disputes about… well about pretty much everything. Elinor had a very strict idea of what her daughter should be doing and should not be doing and absolutely about where she should be going during the days while she and her husband went off on missions.

But when her father lost his leg and decided to go into early retirement she stepped up to the plate and found just what an amazing team she and her mother could make. Fergus coaches from the sidelines, but honestly the ladies know what they are doing and use their expertise in range weapons to protect the coasts in their Jaeger (Ursa Major) 

7/?? of my Disney Jaeger Pilot Series 


Put the costume, wig, and makeup on all together for the first time! I think next time i’ll use more blush, but for the most part i’m happy with it. I didn’t do much, it’s just foundation and a bit of bronze eyeliner - I wanted to keep it as natural looking as possible! 

I shall venture outside and get some ~real~ (non mirror) shots of this on Saturday! I’m really excited. 

You can see the full dress here, and see more shots of the wig here


By Karen Hallion Illustrations