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Retro Chic [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]
Retro Chic [Super Smash Bros Comic Dub]

I need to get back to playing fire emblem again soon, Fire Emblem Heroes just came out so i should play that soon
Thanks again to @finalsmashcomic for drawing and letting me dub this comic, its been a while since i last voiced marth, had to rerecord because the first recording didnt sound too good 7u7

スマブラ by LiarHatter on pixiv

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I got bored, so I drew this ‘cause I thought it was funny


600 Loptyrians. Anyway onward with the celebrations. 

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Guess what @rubiarts?…The dub is out!
Seriously thank you for giving me the PSD file for the comic, it made editing this a whole lot easier for how i wanted to do this >u<
I would be honored if you could give me permission to dub any future comics you may draw >^<

The Royal Wedding Gone WRONG

Everything was going well

Marth was giving his vows

But then Peach looked at the ring and thought, The fuck have I done 

So she left him at the altar

Robin: Well that did not go according to plan…