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Voltron: Legendary Defender by Roy M.

Return of the Roar

Hey everyone. I was gonna introduce this cartoon in a typical consensual manner to hype the epicness that is Voltron, but no. I’m really just here to bitch about how good this reboot practically is and was one of the few revivals of 2016 that didn’t suck. Also, since this post, as of the date, following Hunk’s birthday and is supporting of season 2 which premieres this friday, the day where a deep fried bitch of a con artist thinks he’s finally on top of the world, I only wish to show my appreciation. So, after finally finishing, here’s my review of one of the few good things of 2016.

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Hold up. Voltron’s different. Art style and whatnot.

Eh, feels right. Anyway, STORY TIME! THE EMPIRE, sorry, THE GALRA EMPIRE conquers, enslaves, and induces fear to the galaxy because they just have to, they’re basically a less subtle America. As the leader Zarkon launches an imperial crusade and puts a bounty on a legendary superweapon named Voltron, five cadets find a robot lion and also discover a wormhole to a foreign castle where they find Princess Allura and her mustachioed servant, Coran (no association Fire Emblem and its inhabitants). Allura knights them Paladins, and the team tracks down the other robot lions that are responsible for combining into Voltron, legendary defender capable of stopping the Empire. Soon after, the paladins grow as a team and make their own crusade to stopping the forces of evil. I swear to god, I’ve seen this before. They even have the straight shooter/little asshole OTP that I still can’t get into.

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Still, this is a ship worth sailing (Or riffing in this case)

One pointless problem I have with this show: it’s 11 episodes (Episode 1 is basically a full hour movie). I’m sorry, a two part pilot would’ve made it an even score of a season, and the obsessive compulsion in me just finds this mildly infuriating.

My actual problem with the show: I commend the people and studio behind Avatar and Legend of Korra for being behind this, you can tell because of the character’s sharp chins and triangular mouths. But while their skill in animation and writing are top notch as always, like Legend of Korra, the show can have informative yet pretty lengthy exposition dumps in a good fraction of the season. “Show don’t tell” is always something we “critics” say to keep our visual insight on point without having to hear dialogue, but it’s not wrong to listen in on a situation to present motivations for the characters as they strive forward. The counterpoint to this is that once the viewer processes something of a long winded speech, they can point out that the monologue can be summarized enough, or cut completely, to make the scene go faster while still keeping things coherent. That’s the root of my point, where some of the “This is what’s happening/has happened” spiels the characters have feel unnecessary and could be cut down or out to give the an essential understanding while still providing that motivation and logic to carry on their proper duties. I’m not saying a one or two sentence spittake would suffice every time, but neither would a consistent update for every aspect in the world I wish to know for myself. I can believe season 2 doesn’t need to do this since the pieces for a real war and adventure is going to unfold soon. It’s gonna be a great deal, and I know a thing or two deals, m’kay. Why? Because I am one.

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This should make up for that Trump reference I easily used

Quick rant, IYDM: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEAH, I LOVE PRINCESS ALLURA! Not only because she’s kind, diplomatic, and resourceful (basically Blossum from PPG), not only because she’s voiced by Jasper from Steven Universe. But because she can practically transform into any living species. I love a female that has a brain as astounding as her body, not but the speculative fact that she could turn into a kaijuu with her own free will just put her on my “Badass Kaijuu Waifu” List, a basically bone dry yet important list (phrasing). 

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With another ship I have full honest support on with her

Won’t beat around the bush, this is basically Gurren Lagann, the best giant robot animes in existence (fight me, if you wish). The character archetypes, some misc. designs, the escalation of epicness, the power of working together, the power of believing in yourself that resides in team Voltron, Voltron itself. Like Gurren Lagann, my love for Legendary Defender resides in simply rooting for good to triumph and evil to kiss my ass. Even Lance, who tries to believe he’s the shit like Scout from Team Fortress, has his moments where he himself knows he ain’t shit. The rest of the characters all have something to root for, especially among the diverse cast of aliens the team meets. And the true virtue of Legendary Defender is that the development over the season comes from the actions of the characters and not they themselves, and that’s something reboots previously and possibly later on truly don’t get. Speaking of which….

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Time for some backhanded trash talking

From the sea of reboots and revivals I found in the year I shall not speak of, I saw the pattern in them was trying to produce more development for the characters, adventures, and such in order to capitalize off (and try not to ripoff) the source material. Voltron surprisingly does none of this, and does the original justice so well. Calling it now, “Legendary Defender” is just a fresh coat of paint, honestly donning the original’s coattails. However, and this is crucial, they put EFFORT into making it GOOD and UNIQUE from just being a RESKIN. Even those who’ve never heard or cared of Voltron can watch this and get into it easily, and that’s what a reboot is supposed to be. The hype is real and I’m glad Netflix and Dreamworks are giving us shows we never thought we’d want. Cheers to Legendary Defender, a cartoon that brings both The Last Airbender and giant robots a fresh breathe of life.

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The spirit lives on, Bro

Hey look, new Next Gens. Well Sunny’s old news but w/e

These three are, as I call them, the “yellow pegasus” half-siblings, all fathered by Big Mac. Girasole [left] and Hurricane [Right] were the results of Big Mac’s teenage years.

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Graeystone: This will be the last time for now @moemneop and I will show how bad the Changeling Infiltration. It should be obvious by now the Changelings are EVERYWHERE! I notice certain Ponies wear glasses like Vinyl Scratch…maybe they need these type of eyewear-


Sketch dump. Some might be or have been finished.

1st row: “PinkieBends” (March 13, 2015), “Rarbutt“ (March ‎5, 2015).

2nd row: “PrincessDresses” (November 15, 2014). Related to this.

3rd row: “Candyass“ (February 27, 2015) (WIP of a /mlp/ booty request; related: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), “Pinka” (March 6, 2015).

4th row: “24-2-15“ (February 24-26, 2015). Features early versions of this and this.


*blows dust off this blog* Ah! At last I know where I want her story to go!

… Fill the ask box and prepare for some retcons when the blog is fixed up and ready to go!

… Now to continue drawing until my fingers fall off! 

New Characters:

Mane Cast: Princess Cadence, Fancypants, Big Macintosh, Prince Blueblood, Sassy Saddles and Merrie Melody (Mayor Mare) 

(Some of the) Supporting Cast: Shining Armor (and Twilight!), Sunset Shimmer, Princess Celestia, Granny Smith (Apple Jack and Apple Bloom!), Twilight Velvet, etc.

Name: Princess Cadence

Age: Sixteen (Birthday: (exact date unknown) celebrated as - February 14th, 1969)

Species: Pegasus – Ascended to Alicorn at Age Thirteen.

Special Talent: Amokinesis, Empathic Perception/Sense, etc.

Positive Traits (+) Loyal, Intelligent, Empathetic (concerning others), Wise, Cunning/Savvy, Lively, Charming, Creative, Resourceful.

Negative Traits (-) Detached (concerning herself/situations where she’s involved personally), Impatient, Resentful, Impulsive, Anxious, Secretive, Self-Loathing.

Personality/Background: Princess Cadence isn’t the type you’d associate with a typical princess, especially one who’s powers are based on love and affection. She’s got a devil-may-care attitude and a sharp, sarcastic tongue which she uses to disrespect authority figures. She’d sooner hang with her friends at parties, clubs or anywhere to cause trouble, smoke/drink and listen to rockin’ tunes than present herself at a Gala in full royal regalia and schmooze the elite with her ‘Aunt’ Celestia.

She’s trouble (or so she wants ponies to believe – whether that’s true or not is up for debate…), though you might not assume that at first glance with her sugar sweet smile, shimmering hair and cool, friendly eyes. Which is exactly how she likes it. Still, if you stick around her and she’s fond of you – you’ve got a great friend to look forward to, as hers know well. She’s a very intelligent young lady (though her grades don’t reflect that – effort is not something she puts towards school) and despite her outward behavior she oozes a natural and alluring charm. She can be quite sweet, funny and wonderful company and often she looks after the ponies she cares about more than herself.

She’d rather keep this to herself… but a lot of her rebellious behavior is lashing out for a lack of control, something she struggles with now more than ever with Princess Celestia and this feels like the only way she can regain some personal agency. Though, of course, she does genuinely enjoy the things she does… most of the time.