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10 times when Uncles 1D killed us!

10) When “I know you’re not a real blondy, Uncle Niall!”

9) When “I’m not a baggage Uncle Harry! I don’t have to pass under the metal detector!”

8) When “Look at me Uncle Liam! I dive!!”

7) When “I’m Uncle Louis’s princess! Bitches!”

6) When “Uncle Harry wants eat me!”

5) When “Uncle Liam is only mine! Get over it!”

4) When “I wanna dance with Uncle Louis! Zayn go wawy!!” 

3) When “I always stay safe with Uncle Harry!”

2) When “Mumy told me I can’t write on the walls..but Uncle Louis says it’s ok on the cabin!”

1) When “You wish to be but you can’t! You salute, Uncle Niall!”


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Okay, guys. This week has been pretty rough on me and I doubt I’m the only one. So it’s time for me to share a very important secret, one that’s gotten me through a whole lotta unpleasantness.


Literally anything can be a warrior queen costume if you want it enough.

You’re wearing fuzzy pajamas with polar bears? Warrior queens have snow days too.

It was too hard to put together anything more than jeans and a sweatshirt? Well, warrior queens know better than to train in their fancy ball gowns.

A fancy ball gown? Hey, warrior queens can look fabulous.

Your favorite fandom scarf? Well, how do you think warrior queens become so badass without warrior role models?

Facefull of makeup? Warrior queens can appreciate war paint.

No makeup? Well, duh, a warrior queen knows that her bare gaze is a weapon in and of itself.

Literally any outfit ever in the entire world: Hey, there’s no law that says warrior queens couldn’t wear this. And if there were such a law, you can use your queenly powers to change it and your warrior powers to beat up anyone who argues with you.

So go forth, and rule wisely and fiercely. Remember- warrior queens undermine the forces of evil, not themselves.