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Today marks the 10th wedding anniversary of Prince Felipe to Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano. The union of two was virtually a secret and the announcement of their marriage was a surprise to most Spaniards as the relationship was not publicly known. Letizia at the time was an award winning journalist who had covered various international news events, such as the September 2001 bombing of the Twin Towers in New York City.

Prior to the wedding, there was some concern about the Catholic Church’s acceptance of Letizia as the spouse of a future Catholic sovereign as she has previously been married; however, because Letizia’s previous marriage was only a civil one, it was accepted by the church. The wedding was watched all over Spain as well as other Spanish former colonies; several guests included members of various ruling and non-ruling royals families around the world.

The bride wore dress made by couturier Manuel Pertegaz. Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia are now among the hardest working and stylish royal couples in the world; however, Princess Letizia has not really been favored by various media outlets in Spain and has been subjected to what some would refer to as bullying from not only the press but several staff members of the royal court. Needless to say, the couple seem to have a very happy and successful relationship. The couple have two daughters, Infantas Leonore and Sofia.

Relieve the wonderful wedding of Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia! I warn you though, it is a Catholic ceremony, which means its is really long!