princess jing

Princess Agents -2017- (based on the novel - Queen No. 11 Agent 11)
featuring Chu Qiao (Xing’er) & Yuwen Yue

im so addicted to this drama i can’t

h e lp ; -; (by the way, i made a blog dedicated to this series >> @princess-chuqiao)

i call my otp XinYue XD



@nirvanainfirefest‘s prompt for week 3 was AUs. 

I decided to go with lesbian au for this because we have an elaborate story for this in the discord chat.

1. Mei Changsu -> Su jiejie
Xiao Jingyan -> Princess Jing/Emperor Jingyan
3. Lin Chen -> Lin Chen jiejie
4. Princess Jing very dashingly ‘rescuing’ Su jiejie from the kidnapping that Su jiejie set up.

Nirvana in Fire Post Ending Fic Recs (ENG)

Updated: 20th April with six fics

Nirvana in Fire Fanfiction Recs (English language) From the wailing and gnashing of teeth on tumblr it seems there’s a new crop of brave souls venturing into Nirvana in Fire. Hello all! Please remain hydrated throughout the ride. 

 I’ve put together a rec list of post-ending fics to support you when you’ve finished. There be SPOILERS under the cut, so please only read if you’ve finished the drama.

If anyone knows of any I’ve missed please feel free to add :) 

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