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I met the cast of Adventure Time <3 They came to do a live reading event (which was incredible, btw)

I just wanted to give them little appreciation postcards and I’m so happy with how they turned out (and they loved them! (I hope)) I didn’t post them straight away because I wanted the actors to see them first. So here: the characters dressed as their voice actors

This Week in Star vs The Forces of Evil...

- Miss Heinous returns and invades the Diaz household
- Marco gets in another Karate feud with Jeremy Birnbaum
- Star destroys a possum statue then tries to make it better by fixing things
- The Starco vs Jarco ship wars really hit the fan

And of course, we learn how the Book of Spells end up back in Star’s possession.

Yeah, thought we wouldn’t remember that little image in the recent promo, didn’t you, Disney?

Still, won’t be as big as the two half-hour episodes next Monday.


Hey Everybody!

Now that we’re three issues into Princeless: Raven the Pirate Princess you’ve finally met all of our core cast and at least gotten a glimpse of everybody in the crew. so we wanted to share with you the designs for all of the characters in the crew.

Up top we have a lineup of the core cast for book 1.  From left to right:

Raven Xingtao (casual)

Raven Xingtao (captain)

Sunshine Alexander (rogue)

Sunshine Alexander (dancer)

Ximena Santos (don’t worry, she’ll have more outfits later!)

Katie Kling (she pretty much always dresses like this)

Jayla Cook (she thinks clothes are stupid)

Cookie Cook (Jayla’s Dad, not going sailing)

The bottom row is the full crew, whom, assuming the  book continues long enough (read: you keep buying it) will all have a chance to shine eventually.  Rather than me telling you everything all bout all of them, which could take up many such posts, why don’t we do this a different way.  If you have questions about any of the characters, ask me! As long as the answer isn’t a plot spoiler, I’ll tell you.  What do you want to know?

And of course all design credit to the soon to be superstar team of unassumingpumpkin and tenbandits


Jeremy Jordan - “The Ultimate Disney Princess Power Ballad Medley”


Jeremy Jordan - “The Ultimate Disney Princess Power Ballad Medley”

Performed aboard the Disney Magic on May 21, 2015

Jeremy Jordan is my new obsession


Cartoon Network Studios was awesome. Thanks to Make-a-Wish I got to fly out to Burbank California and spend the entire day with these guys!! They were all so funny and nice and casual. I got to see and do so many wonderful things with these guys. I got to see episodes and sneak peaks of brand new shows that won’t air on CN till next year!!! Then we all went down stairs and had pizza together! So there I was sitting between J.G Quintal and Pendleton Ward eating pizza together. We laughed and talked for hours!!! Then I showed them some of my fan art and OC. Then to top it all off I got to sit in one of the sound booths and watch them record an episode of Adventure Time!! Man it was so cool!! And now they’re all following me on Instagram and chat now!!! I also met the main people of CN and they said if I want to come in for an internship when I graduate High School, I could!!!! Thanks Make-a-Wish!!!

songs covered by broadway performers

» run away with me : part 3  | a mix of songs covered by our favorite broadway stars [listen]

01. run away with me - aaron tveit | 02. dear theodosia - leslie odom, jr. | 03. oh, what a beautiful morning - renee elise goldsberry, telly leung, michael mcelroy| 04. four five seconds - alice lee & jenn damiano | 05. i dreamed a dream - darren criss | 06. natural woman - joshua henry | 07. beautiful mashup - jessica keenan wynn | 08. almost there - adrienne warren | 09. losing my mind - jeremy jordan |10. what i did for love - austin mackenzie with sandra mae frank signing l 11. i can do better than that - cynthia erivo | 12. i’m not afraid of anything - charissa hogeland  | 13. love song - patina miller & joshua henry | 14 the guilty ones - leslie odom, jr. | 15. not for the life of me - laura osnes | 16. godspell hairspray wicked medley - shoshana bean | 17. wake me up/touch me - ben fankhauser