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Pop Princess

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Summary: The truth is revealed on the set of the reader’s new music video.

Prompt: “Don’t talk to me like I’m a god damn child.“

Pairing: bodyguard!Jensen x popstar!Reader

Requested by: @iwriteaboutdean

A/N: If you wanna know the scene Jensen is freaking out over, it’s from Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight. The parts at the end (starts 2:28 mark).

Jensen grits his teeth biting back a low growl, he can feel a dangerous rumble in his chest that’s threatening to escape. His fury filled eyes witness you greedily accept every seductive touch from your co-star Justyn.

Your bodyguard is fully aware that the sexual bullshit playing out before him is just acting. That it’s your job at the moment to portray a lustful, passionate relationship for the camera. Although it doesn’t lessen the strong urge of wanting to break your co-stars face.

Justyn’s grubby hands are grabbing and pulling you, his lips kissing and grazing you, his whole motherfucking body keeps touching you. To make matters worse, you’re donning sexy red lingerie that barely leaves anything to the imagination.

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The Little Princess

Summary: Jensen misses his daughter’s fifth birthday and has to make it up to her. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1020
Warnings: None. 
Genre: Fluff.
Challenge: @buckysmetallicstump​ - “Bailey’s Disney Quote Challenge”. My prompt was, “Well, there’s the usual things: flowers … chocolates … promises you don’t intend to keep …” Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast

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Promise Of Tomorrow

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins

Pairing: Jensen x reader (ish)

Warnings: Very dirty thoughts, Drunken confessions, Language, Shameless objectification of Jensen Ackles (and I am not even a little bit sorry!)    

Word count: 1400ish (not a drabble! Dammit Jensen!)

A/N: I blame @blacktithe7 for this! When you send her gifs of Jensen you get comments like: “He went from damn he’s good looking to OH MY GOD TAKE ME NOW!” and “Now I picture Jensen’s lips on my most sensitive spots before riding him like a pogo stick!”

I took both as prompts to do a drabble, but Kari can’t drabble so welcome to this little one shot ;) Oh and I made (she begged) Erin beta this too :D

Also Kari can’t remember so this one shot is 3 months old but never before posted so enjoy y’all.



You groaned. You had no idea why you had agreed to come to this party in the first place. Well, Misha and you had stayed close friends after your recurring role as an angel on Supernatural, back when it was still in it’s fourth season.

You had had a thing for the green eyed actor that played Dean Winchester back then too. You just never had the courage to tell him that. Years had passed, and the moment you had walked through the front door you knew that hadn’t changed. Your eyes landed on him standing in the corner of the room chatting with his co-star and tv brother, Jared Padalecki. Your heart practically jumped into your throat when you saw him. He hadn’t aged a day, but he had gotten all the more sexy. His freckles still enhanced his perfect facial features. His shoulders were still broad and his bowed legs perfect for you to fit in between. Not that you ever had, but a girl could dream right.

You shook your head, annoyed with yourself for letting these thoughts re-enter your mind. He was way out of your league, there was no way he would ever look twice at someone like you. Daydreaming of him was only going to end one way. In heartbreak. Yours.    

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anonymous asked:

J2 reading online comments and laughing at what people think about them, especially the ones who think Jared is a dominant top, when he's actually Jensen's princess

This was fun! Let’s not take it too seriously, please lol

“Hey, honey!” Jensen called from the couch to Jared, who was in the bedroom. “Come see this.” Jensen kept scrolling down on his phone, frowning.

“What is it?” Jared asked when he sat on the couch next to Jensen.

“Fandom is fighting over who tops and who bottoms again.”

“They really do have very strong opinions on the subject, right?” Jared half frowned, half laughed.

Jensen was scrolling down a thread on twitter with many gifs of him and Jared, mostly Jared. Mostly Jared bending down, shaking his ass or rubbing himself on other men. Jensen showed Jared one gif from a gag reel of Jared bending on another man’s crotch.

“You seem to give them a lot of reason to talk about how an epic bottom you are.”

Jared laughed. “Come on, baby. You know I don’t mean anything by that. I am an epic bottom, though.”

“Some people disagree. They think I’m only hiding behind my Alpha attitude, but I’m actually a very shy girl and you are the dominant of us both.”  Jensen blinked innocently to Jared and they both laughed. Jared sat closer so he could look at what was going on online.

“You know, maybe I’m not doing my job right. Should I be even more obvious about how I’m the greatest bottom there is?” Jensen didn’t look, but he could feel Jared’s teasing smile.

“Don’t you dare, Jared.” Jensen said. He knew it would probably happen anyway, that’s just how Jared was.

Jensen scrolled down past a video of Jared being held bridal style by some fan.

“Hey! That one was fun.” Jared smiled. “The guy said I was a Princess!” Jensen groaned.

“Yeah, my Princess.” Jensen stared at him, waiting for confirmation.

“All yours, my jealous, adorable, hot, toppy, husband.” Jared smirked and Jensen could just show him and everyone online how much of a top he could be, if Jared going crazy beneath him counted as something.

“Lets go to the bedroom, Princess. I’ll give you your proper treatment.”

Cuddles and Teddy Bears

Word Count: 1679

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Unbeta’d. Mistakes are mine. Written for @impalaimagining ‘s cheesy pickup line challenge. Prompt was: “I lost my teddy bear, can I cuddle you instead?” 

“Jensen you don’t have to stay with me. Really. I’m OK.” Another wave of dizziness hit you right at that moment and you gripped the handle inside the SUV. Your 5-year-old daughter, Lily, sat between Jensen and you, swinging her legs and humming while Clif drove you home from the hospital.

You’d taken a nasty fall filming a scene. Jensen was supposed to grab you and stop you from falling. Instead, he grabbed you and tickled you, forcing you to launch yourself away. You were attached to bungee cords in the event that he missed, but the cords malfunctioned and you fell several feet flat on your back, neck, and head.

“You’re not OK.” Jensen argued. “And I’m the reason you got hurt on set so the least I can do is stay the night. Plus someone needs to help with Lily. You can’t handle her alone right now. Not with all the pain medication they gave you plus all the pain you’re gonna be in when they wear off.” Damn him. He was right, you hadn’t thought about that. That was the crappy side of being a single parent, you didn’t have anyone to watch her if things went bad.

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HAPPY VILLAINTINE’S DAY!!! This year on February 14, show your Disney loving friends and family how much you care with their favorite Disney Villain! They may look cute but they still have some not so sweet things to say! I hope you enjoy them and share them with your friends! <3